Smart Cities

8th October 2018

Honda Demonstrates Anti-Crash V2X Tech in Ohio

Honda has demonstrated vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology it says is designed to reduce crashes at intersections. As part of the automaker’s partnership with the Ohio city of Marysville, its 33 Smart...


4th October 2018

Volkswagen, Siemens Partner for V2X Safety Tech

Volkswagen and Siemens are claiming to have made improvements to existing vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, with the aim of making intersections safer. The companies are collaborating with the German city...


14th September 2018

PSA Starts V2X Shoot-Out in China

The PSA Group has begun demonstrating its smart-city communications V2X technology in a Chinese city pitching two rival systems against each other. Its demo, testing separate solutions from Huawei...


12th September 2018

“Virtual Battery” of EV Chargers Deployed Across California

A manufacturer of home EV chargers has declared its deployment of a “virtual battery” of chargers across California since early 2017 a success. eMotorWerks’ virtual battery consists of over...


22nd August 2018

Infrastructure Interactive Connected Car Comms System Launched

A maker of traffic management software has launched a communication system allowing connected vehicles to interact with smart city road side units (RSUs). The Traffic & Parking Control Company (TAPCO)...


15th August 2018

London Begins Parking Charges by Vehicle Emission Levels

Car parking charges will be set by the vehicle’s emission rating in a new system to be rolled out in the City of London. The City of London Corporation has...


18th July 2018

Inrix AV Road Rules Platform Connects Authorities & Operators

The Inrix AV Road Rules platform allows autonomous vehicle operators to report issues such as potholes, while tuning vehicles into local driving laws.


18th July 2018

Waze data employed by Lexicon for smart city solutions

UK artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) specialist Lexicon Science has teamed up with crowd-sourcing mapping giant Waze to explore future smart city mobility solutions. It will draw...


22nd June 2018

Boston Greenlights Additional AV Testing From nuTonomy

Autonomous vehicle software developer nuTonomy is expanding its test program in Boston to include additional city streets.


31st May 2018

Toyota, Turing Institute Focus on Marrying Mobility & AI

The 18-month partnership between Toyota and the Alan Turing Institute will focus on automating different forms of mobility through the intelligent manipulation of traffic signals.


27th April 2018

Lessons in building smarter cities

Most industry experts believe vehicle communication will drive the nascent stages of smart cities as they interact with not only each other but also with basically everything else in...


5th February 2018

How Connected Cars Are Helping to Drive Smart City Agendas

Connected cars are becoming more common, and these vehicles are considered integral to how smart cities grow and develop. Light Reading Senior Editor Mari Silbey recently spoke with Chris...