Connected Vehicles

24th April 2020

Connectivity Solutions to Prevent Highway Pile-ups

Cranfield University researchers in the UK are participating in a Multi-Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) research and development project. This project which aims to reduce the number of motorway pile-ups...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd April 2020

Putting the Fun Factor into Connected Cars

The future of in-car infotainment faces a digital crossroads. Automakers, content providers, network operators and Tier One suppliers are all wrangling with the unique opportunities offered by touch and...


16th April 2020

BMW Tops Least Distraction Infotainment Study

Independent test results suggest BMW’s iDrive infotainment is the least distracting for drivers in use while budget brand MG’s is the worst. More worryingly for vehicle safety is that...


14th April 2020

5G Promises Much But Can’t Answer All AV Questions

The connected, 5G future has many promises that come with big demands. As the next generation in mobile connectivity it offers the capability to process terabytes of data per...

By Graham Jarvis

9th April 2020

Insurers Offered AI Risk Tool for Electrified Vehicles

A tool powered by AI has been launched claiming to be able to accurately assess insurance risks specifically for electric and hybrid powered vehicles. The Swedish AI and insurance...


2nd April 2020

First AV Tool for Insurers With Safety Analyst’s Standard

Insurers of future autonomous vehicles have been given their first risk assessment tool in the shape of a standard published by a global safety specialist. Underwriters Laboratories have announced...


26th March 2020

Pioneer Claims Big-Screen In-Cabin Breakthrough

Electronics giant Pioneer is claiming its latest family of infotainment modules will bring the ‘big screen’ experience to the car cabin. It has launched four new multimedia receivers featuring...


23rd March 2020

Leading Cyber-Security Company Latest Member of 5GAA

A South Korean cyber-security specialist is the latest company to join the 5G automotive lobby group, the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA). Autocrypt, that specializes in security operations for C-ITS...


19th March 2020

Automakers’ Control Over Software Outweighs the Risks

As with any technology, the ability to develop software in-house means that the developer, in this case the automaker, can control the ecosystem. Additionally, systems developed in-house provide a...


19th March 2020

Lynk & Co’s Hybrid SUV First With Fingerprint Recognition

Start-up niche automaker Lynk & Co will use its 05 hybrid SUV as the first model to use fingerprint recognition for its infotainment system. The car will feature Goodix’s...


18th March 2020

Touchscreen Infotainment Four-Times Worse Than Alcohol

A study measuring the affects of driver distraction suggests using a dashboard touchscreen is up to four times worse than being at the UK’s drink-drive alcohol limit. The research...


12th March 2020

5G Will See C-V2X Explosion… Maybe

An automotive research body is predicting an explosion in C-V2X capability with the roll-out of 5G. However, the statement announcing a study by ABI Research based on industry opinions,...