Connected Vehicles

14th June 2019

Voice Assistants Worse Than Drink-Driving, Study Suggests

Using in-car voice activated assistants has been questioned with latest safety research showing hands-free phone operation is as dangerous as driving above legal alcohol limits. A study by the...

13th June 2019

Faster Forward: Will Cars Run on Android?

As automakers adopt technologies including facial recognition, voice activation and artificial intelligence, will they all turn to Google Android? Yes probably, according to David Holecek, director of digital experience...


12th June 2019

Hyundai Plans AI Cabin Injury Monitoring

Hyundai is planning to use AI as a means to instantly assess personal injuries in vehicle to alert the appropriate emergency services. The system it is developing in partnership...


7th June 2019

TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 Day 2: Changes are coming to a car near you – both predictably and in ways you’ll never expect

They say change is the only constant, and that might actually be true for the automotive industry. Between the mishmash of mobility services, new ways to purchase or rent...

Louis Bedigian


6th June 2019

TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 Day 1: Safety takes center stage as the industry grapples with security, autonomy and more

Safety is a critical part of mobility, and yet everyone knows their next car ride could be their last. It’s become the norm; not just in one city or...

Louis Bedigian


5th June 2019

TU-Automotive Awards 2019: Honoring innovation, incredible success and unparalleled achievements

The hottest awards show of the year commenced on the evening of June 4, 2019. Bringing together the best, most innovative and most accomplished OEMs, Tier 1s, startups and...

Louis Bedigian


3rd June 2019

Volvo Joins Safety Data Exchange Group

Volvo has joined a consortium of carmakers, service providers and national governments exploring the exchange of traffic safety data generated by cars and infrastructure. This pan-European pilot project, run...


29th May 2019

ADAS Cuts Risk But Still Raise Insurers’ Costs

The word “revolution” is perhaps used too frequently when pundits talk about connected cars. This is particularly true of the massive vehicle insurance business, which those-in-the-know tell us will...

By Eric Volkman


24th May 2019

Connected Cars Both Best Friend and Worst Enemy, Warns BlackBerry

Automobiles are quickly becoming data collection devices and, with that transition, comes a new set of rules, consumer expectations and even regulations like GDPR. It’s a challenge that social...

By Louis Bedigian


23rd May 2019

VW Launches Geolocation Shopping Pitch

Volkswagen has launched a vehicle finding app that will pitch shopping suggestions to its consumers. The ‘We Experience’ bolt-on has been added to its ‘Volkswagen We’ digital ecosystem in...


22nd May 2019

5G Verses DSRC Bun Fight Has Long Way To Go

Earlier this month the European Parliament ratified draft rules by the bloc’s executive body, the European Commission to endorse WiFi-based communications standards between connected vehicles. While the technology is...

20th May 2019

Retrofit EV Telematics Launched by ERM

A telematics solution tailored for EVs’ specific needs claims retrofit capabilities to bring older vehicles into the connected car world. ERM Advanced Telematics will launch its StarLink EV, a...