Connected Vehicles

13th January 2020

Vignettes of An Angst Free World

Sponsored Content Awe inspiring audio while reducing EV range anxiety and combining multiple technologies in a single box for safety and e-commerce experiences.


8th January 2020

Tested: Nissan Juke Ideal Urban Car-Share

All sorts of peer-to-peer car-share ‘clubs’ are popping up in urban environments around the world. That’s hardly surprising to a city dweller such as myself because urban mobility will,...


8th January 2020

BMW Gaze Tracker to Entertain Bored Passengers

Looking out of the passenger window on a long dull drive could become a world of information and entertainment with BMW’s gaze-tracking technology. The system is the headline feature...


7th January 2020

Harman’s Hi-Fi Means More: ‘Pipe Down, I Want to Hear the Music!’

Having to shout above the sound of the car’s stereo could be a thing of the past with an infotainment system that turns its volume down when it hears...


31st December 2019

Custom Cloned Voice Assistant Claims Safety Boost

A personalized cloned-voice assistant is being heralded as a potential safety feature because it allows drivers to choose a voice of authority they are more likely to heed. Automotive...


30th December 2019

Bosch Infotainment Adopts Stripped-Down Address Tech

The stripped-down global address system, what3words, is hoping to make the break into automotive infotainment by teaming up with Bosch. Its in-car navigation is scheduled for introduction into Bosch’s...


27th December 2019

Automakers Flex Their Insurance Muscles

Would you buy auto insurance from the same company that made your vehicle? Recently, two noted automakers placed bets on customers answering “yes” to that question. In the US...

By Eric Volkman


23rd December 2019

Fine Dining in a Driverless Future

What activity among all others would people prefer to do in an autonomous car? If you guessed “eat or drink,” you would be right. At least, that’s according to...

By Eric Volkman


20th December 2019

Hyundai Presents Smart City Vision at CES

Hyundai will present its vision of life in the future smart city at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show. Central to its vision is the personal air vehicle (PAV) and...


13th December 2019

Ducati Sees Connectivity and ADAS as Way Forward for Bikers

ADAS and connectivity are not always the first things on the mind of a prospective motorcycle customer but they are making inroads slowly changing consumer expectations. That’s the opinion...

10th December 2019

Number of In-Vehicle Displays to Increase Dramatically in 2020s

The number of screens in cars will increase dramatically over the next few years, up to 12 per car, a connected car expert has claimed. Rolf Bittner from Qt...


12th November 2019

Continental Server Concept to Connect VW’s ID. Family

Continental’s connectivity concept will be the driver of in-car communications, including OTA update,s for Volkswagen’s ID. family of BEVs. The Tier 1 giant’s electronics architecture reflects the trend away...