Connected Vehicles

21st May 2021

Automakers Must Grab the Lead in V2X Data Battle

Carmakers will lose the battle for control of data from the connected car unless they take the lead in setting industry standards. That’s the view of Dr Engelbert Wimmer,...


12th May 2021

EVs are First Step in Auto Insurance Transformation

Despite a slump in car sales during the pandemic, ING Group expects care sales to rebound by 8% in 2021. However, EV insurance premiums are typically higher than those...

By Graham Jarvis


7th May 2021

Polestar Points the Way with In-Cab Video App

In a clear nod towards the perceived future of in-cabin entertainment, Polestar has developed its own video streaming app for Polestar 2. The beta app, which is available now...


4th May 2021

What Could Kill Your Connected Vehicle Application and How to Avoid it!

Aeris has more than a decade of experience serving millions of cars and trucks over 2G, 3G and 4G networks around the world. We’ve seen the many ways connected...


28th April 2021

Service Orientated Architectures Pitch for OTA Security

The security risks of centralized automotive architectures and over-the-air updates are clear. Meanwhile, vehicle functions are increasingly defined by software, making them more hackable. The evolution of automotive electrical...

By Susan Kuchinskas


6th April 2021

Faster Wifi Dependent on Faster Connectivity

Next generation wifi technology could save manufacturers millions in over the air (OTA) updates carrying costs while offering a more seamless experience for passengers. LG Innotek has recently launched...


22nd March 2021

The World’s Safest In-Car Ecosystem

Discover the in-cabin sensor that's reducing complexity and cost, while making high-end safety available to all vehicle models.


2nd December 2020

Amazon Dives into Vehicle Data with BlackBerry

Digital retail giant Amazon is eyeing up the automotive data market by teaming up with BlackBerry in a bid to develop an ‘intelligent’ vehicle data platform. The security software...


1st December 2020

Machine Learning Models for Smart Cities

Smart city development will require the collection of large amounts of data and the ability to process, reason and make decisions about that data. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine...


26th November 2020

Korean Auto Insurers Grasp the Autonomous Nettle

South Korean insurance companies are to start to sell autonomous vehicle insurance. Korea Bizwire said in September 2020 that South Korea’s regulator: “The Financial Supervisory Service announced that the...

By Graham Jarvis


24th November 2020

Automotive 2020: An Industry in Transformation

Download this 32-page eBook from Stephen Bell, Principal Analyst, ITAG and Paul Myles, Editor, TU-Automotive and read these four chapters plus more: Automotive 2020: An Industry in Transformation Pandemic...


19th November 2020

GM Enters US Auto Insurance Ring with OnStar

General Motors is expanding its OnStar connectivity service to include auto insurance for its customers. GM’s new insurance agency, OnStar Insurance Services, will be the exclusive agent for OnStar...