Connected Vehicles

7th August 2019

Trust me I’m a Carmaker, Says Ford

Ford believes it is leading the pack in a charge towards consumer engagement with in-vehicle services yet remains conscious of the challenges still ahead. TU-Automotive met with its head...


5th August 2019

Chinese Luxury BEV Claims 5G-V2X World First

Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s a Chinese automaker that is claiming a new luxury BEV has full 5G enabled V2X connectivity considering the cyber-security furor surrounding telco giant Huawei. The company,...


31st July 2019

Volvo Installs On-Board SIMs in Every New Car

Volvo has pledged to install a SIM card in every new model sold in 42 European markets to boost its connectivity offering. The feature is being introduced on all...


25th July 2019

Honda Claims AI Personal Assistant in BEV

Honda is claiming to have harnessed the power of AI for its in-car personal assistant voice controller in the BEV Honda e. It claims the all electric urban car...


15th July 2019

The Kanzi HMI toolchain brings rich 3D graphics to Android Automotive

Sponsored Content “Leading HMI tool provider Rightware presented at TU-Automotive Detroit 2019 about the future of automotive UX, with a focus on integrating third-party ecosystems into the in-car user...


15th July 2019

Faster Forward: Connected Transactions

Sponsored Content At CES in Las Vegas, SiriusXM demonstrated an in-vehicle payment system developed in collaboration with Visa. Six months later at TU-Automotive Detroit 2019, the company presented a...


15th July 2019

Balancing Data Protection With UX is Carmakers’ Big Challenge

In the age of both data collection and tightening privacy regulations, automakers need to make sure they are responsibly collecting only the data they need. Darren Mann, vice-president of...


9th July 2019

Connectivity Main Pitch in Sneak Peek at New Hyundai

Connectivity and advanced levels of passenger safety are the main sales pitches of the first sneak peek at Hyundai’s upcoming new European model. Those executive cruiser requirements hint at...


2nd July 2019

Ford Connectivity Finds Available Urban Parking

Ford has teamed up with telco giant Vodafone to help its consumers to find parking spaces in congested urban environments. It’s a bid to combat the growing pressures of...


28th June 2019

DSRC the ‘Here-And-Now’ of V2V Solution

5G must play second fiddle to a wi-fi V2V solution currently the best option to get vehicle communications for driverless cars up and running. That’s the view of Netherlands-based...

26th June 2019

Telematics Not the Only Answer to Reducing Insurers’ Risks

It wasn’t so long ago that an automobile was a free-ranging universe all its own. The only real connection it had with the outside world occurred when someone inside...

By Eric Volkman

25th June 2019

Telechips Automotive Semiconductors

Sponsored Content After 20 years in Asia, Telechips, a semiconductor company is expanding into the U.S. automotive market..