Connected Vehicles

25th July 2022

Industry Voices: Using Telematics to Help Manage Maintenance

Opinion piece by Trey Hoffman, vice-president of customer experience at Fleetio Telematics devices provide a mass amount of vehicle data, including information on the health of your assets. By...


21st July 2022

NXP and Foxconn Team Up for Connected Car Expansion

Dutch automotive digital provider, NXP Semiconductors, is teaming up with Taiwan’s Hon Hai (Foxconn) to expand its capabilities in creating mass market connected car platforms. The pair have signed...


13th July 2022

Stellantis Backs Connectivity in Astra Sales

The lowly Vauxhall/Opel Astra is getting TomTom’s latest generation geolocation technology as Stellantis recognizes the power of tech in the modern connected car. It will feature a new generation...


12th July 2022

Zeekr OTA Focused on In-Cab UX

Premium Chinese EV maker Zeekr is claiming a unique OTA upgrade approach that enhances the in-cabin user experience. In announcing an array of upgrades to its 001 vehicle, the...


16th June 2022

Apple’s CarPlay Update ‘Threatens Automaker Data Control’

Apple is aiming to take a bite out of the automotive vehicle operating system market posing commercial risks to carmakers. Its launch of the updated CarPlay, revealed at the...


13th May 2022

BlackBerry Works out of the Limelight towards Better Business

The tech world is full of “pivots” in which a company mostly, or even entirely, changes its business focus. One of the more fascinating pivots in the connected car...

By Eric Volkman


3rd May 2022

Standards are Key to Connected Mobility

During this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year the 5G Automotive Association (5GAA) presented the latest global advancements of ‘Cellular-Vehicle-to-Everything’ (C-V2X) in the journey towards 5G-V2X. Johannes...

By Graham Jarvis


27th April 2022

Continental Shows Off Private and Public Infotainment Modes

Continental claims it has developed a dynamically operating infotainment display system that can switch between private and public modes. Its Switchable Privacy Display is said to be able to...


26th April 2022

Challenges of Making Ancient Cities Smart

In 2009, an earthquake devastated L’Aquila, Italy, killing more than three hundred people in this historic mountain town, and displacing 70,000 more. While rebuilding has been slow, the destruction...

By Susan Kuchinskas


14th April 2022

Consumers Missing Out with Automaker Driver Focused Touchscreens

Automakers’ obsessive race towards outsized interior driver focused touchscreens are depriving consumers of the best in-car experiences. That’s the view of automotive software company VNC Automotive which says the...

8th April 2022

Falken’s Tire Sensors Measure Real-Time Micro-Plastic Shed

Car tires are joining the IoT with one manufacturer installing sensors to measure the real-time wear rate of its products. In a joint project between Falken’s parent company Sumitomo...


7th April 2022

Volvo Rolls Out OTA to all New 2023 Cars

All new 2023 specification Volvo cars are now available with over-the-air (OTA) software update capabilities. The technology now comes to the latest XC90, S60 and V60 models, and follows...