19th January 2018

Video: Škoda focused on auto’s vital relationship with smartphones


18th January 2018

Harman Looks to Customize the Ride-Sharing Experience

Ride-hailing passengers could easily transport their preferences from one vehicle to the next.


17th January 2018

Byton Concept Car Includes 49-Inch Infotainment Display

The Byton Concept car wowed attendees at CES with its luxurious, high-tech features.


1st December 2017

Connected bikes cannot compromise ‘freedom’, says Kawasaki

While connectivity services have been slow to catch on in the car industry, it’s been virtually moribund in the field of motorcycle marketing. Yet, in spite of this manufacturers...


21st April 2017

Nissan places trust in ‘smart’ strategies for mobility

It’s probably no coincidence that with the increasing importance of artificial intelligence (AI) that the second of these two words has become something of a touchstone for Nissan. The...


17th February 2017

Wireless charging: EV power via slot-car technology

As the drive to encourage electric-vehicle (EV) ownership gathers momentum, so does the desire to install automated recharging systems such as devices built into roads that top up batteries...


13th January 2017

Gazing at the crystal ball of connected cars – Part I

2016 was a vibrant, productive and profitable year for companies having anything to do with autonomy and connected vehicles. This report examines the current state of the industry and...


9th January 2017

Weekly Brief: Connected cars dominate mobile tech at CES 2017

Carmakers used the Consumer Electronics Show to highlight the impending era of personalised technology in automobiles. Andrew Tolve reports. Hordes of tech enthusiasts descended on the Consumer Electronics Show...


18th November 2016

Car audio will be the big noise in connectivity

In-car features are typically accessed via touch screens, knobs and buttons. Ford is among the automakers that have added audio to the mix but it’s not as if consumers...


24th April 2016

Audi’s raising of the connected car bar brings its own challenges for carmakers

Audi’s delightful new A4 shows just what a difference just a few months makes in the world of vehicle connectivity. We’ve all become used to the digital world releasing...


12th February 2016

Wealthy drivers cannot sustain Indian connectivity alone

India manufactures about 3M cars a year and half a million of them are exported, claims Kumar Kandaswami, senior director of Deloitte India. His research finds that 60% of...


18th December 2015

Range Rover catches up in the sprint towards connectivity

It’s safe to say that anyone who buys the new Range Rover Sport SDV8 is someone who wants it all – a high-wide-and-handsome off-roader that can sprint away from...