Connected Vehicles

25th November 2022

JLR Cuts Back Production Suffering Semiconductor Shortage

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is cutting back car production for several months because of a shortage of semiconductors for new vehicles. The British carmaker is focusing on continued production...


23rd November 2022

Software is the Cost Effective Branding Tool, Stellantis

While BEV powertrains and increasingly modular vehicle production challenge the automaker’s ability to differentiate its products, software could hold the answer. That’s the opinion of Stellantis’s chief software officer,...


17th November 2022

Ford Deploys AI-Driven Platform for UBI Services

Ford is offering UBI services to US customers using AI driven data collection from CerebrumX. The automotive data services and management platform has announced it will incorporate Ford connected...


15th November 2022

Digital Giants Battle for the Dashboard

Humans aren’t the only passengers accompanying us in our cars. In fact, there are more constant companions that come along with us for almost every ride – our smartphones....

By Eric Volkman


10th November 2022

Qualcomm Snaps Up Another Automaker in Renault

Qualcomm follows up its Volkswagen roll-out and its inclusion in the new Volvo EX90 BEV with the latest announcement that it will collaborate in developing future Renault connected cars....


28th October 2022

Eliminating the Grey Areas of CAV Insurance

The UK government is taking some positive steps forward with regard to addressing some of the great areas of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) liability and insurance. That’s the...

By Graham Jarvis


19th October 2022

Smartphone’s Affect on Future Infotainment

In 2011, Toyota President Akio Toyoda famously said his company would be producing cars that were smartphones on wheels. Since then, this analogy has been repeated by several auto...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

18th October 2022

What Will Be the In-Vehicle Connectivity Gold Standard for ADAS?

The automotive market is very close to adopting the MIPI A-PHY standard for CSI-2 and the DSI-2 standard for connectivity. Daniel Shwartzberg, director of automotive system solutions at Valens...

By Graham Jarvis


11th October 2022

BMW Brings Gaming into Next Year’s Models

BMW plans to bring online gaming capabilities into its vehicles’ cabins to keep passengers entertained, presumably, to help drivers concentrate in silence? The automaker has teamed up with AirConsole...


29th September 2022

Cars Unlikely to Become more Computer than Transport

The automobile industry wouldn’t be as sprawling and as massive as it is today without effective marketing hype. Recently, advances in ADAS technology have some individuals in, and adjacent...

By Eric Volkman


16th September 2022

Addressing Connectivity Uncertainty for the Connected Car

There are a range of factors that will be crucial for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Among them is 5G connectivity, automation and electrification. They are converging to transform...

By Graham Jarvis


14th September 2022

Harman Launches Eyes-and-Mind Driver Monitor

Connected car technology company Harman has launched an in-cabin suite to monitor driver awareness, reduce stress and improve comfort levels. Its Ready Care solution claims to monitor cognitive distraction,...