5th June 2018

Ford, Qualcomm, Panasonic Partner on C-V2X Launch

The backers of the C-V2X vehicle communications platform, which include Qualcomm, Ford and Panasonic, are preparing to roll out testing on Colorado roads this summer.


4th June 2018

Jaguar Land Rover Developing All-Terrain Autonomous SUV

Jaguar Land Rover is hitting the gas on developing a self-driving SUV capable of all-terrain, off-road driving in any weather condition.


1st June 2018

Tesla Crash Raises Concerns Over Autopilot ADAS Feature

Two consumer watchdog groups have called on the California DMV to investigate Tesla's marketing practices related to its ADAS system Autopilot.


28th May 2018

Autonomous Vehicle Sales Expected to Hit 5 Million by 2026

Sales of autonomous vehicles are expected to accelerate as consumers adjust to ADAS platforms and companies from GM to Google ramp up investment in self-driving cars.


18th May 2018

Mobileye Inks Deal to Supply Automation for 8M Cars

In one of its biggest deals to date, Intel's Mobileye division will supply automation and ADAS technology to 8 million vehicles.


17th May 2018

Israel Failed at Manufacturing Cars, but Will Ensure They Are Self-Driving

Following Intel's $15 billion acquisition of Mobileye, an Israeli company that develops driver-assistance software, Israel has become an epicenter for the future of mobility.



16th May 2018

Nissan Expands ProPilot ADAS Platform to More Vehicles

Nissan's ProPilot ADAS platform helps keep drivers in their lane and maintain safe distances from other vehicles in various traffic scenarios. The company is now expanding the program to...


16th May 2018

Audi Puts the Brakes on Traffic Jam Pilot in US

Audi's Traffic Jam Pilot offers Level 3 autonomy but the company is reportedly not going to offer the technology in the US.


9th May 2018

Subaru’s EyeSight ADAS Tech Wins Praise in HLDI Study

The HLDI study found that Subaru's EyeSight ADAS technology helped reduce pedestrian crashes.


27th April 2018

Qualcomm Tests C-V2X Platform With Ford & Audi

Qualcomm's C-V2X platform is designed to improve road safety, with anticipated deployment in production vehicles and road infrastructure as soon as 2020.


25th April 2018

Toyota Avalon Sports ADAS Features, Safety Connect Offer

Toyota adds an extensive list of advanced safety features to its Avalon sedan, as well as high-performance infotainment options and five USB ports.


23rd April 2018

Nissan Rogue Sport Offers More Standard ADAS Safety Features

Nissan continues to expand its standard offering of ADAS safety features such as automatic emergency braking and blind spot warning. This time, the company has added the technology to...