12th November 2018

Hyundai Launching R&D Center in Silicon Valley

Hyundai component-making unit Hyundai Mobis is opening its first research and development center, M.Cube, in Silicon Valley. The automaker says it plans to use M.Cube as a base to...


8th November 2018

FCC Tests Suggest WiFi Can Coexist With DSRC Car Networks

The debate over the future of vehicle-to-everything communications got a little more interesting this week when the FCC showed the DRSC can coexist with WiFi on the same spectrum...


7th November 2018

C-V2X’s Momentum in China May Drive Connected-Car Development

Demonstrations happening in China may point the way toward how cars will communicate with each other starting as soon as next year. Qualcomm Technologies announced November 5 that it...


5th November 2018

MIT’s Reimer: Level 5 AVs “Centuries” Off Purchasability

Greg Hyde talks to respected autonomous vehicle expert Bryan Reimer of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In an exclusive TU-Automotive interview, Dr Reimer, a research scientist at MIT’s AgeLab and...


29th October 2018

LiDAR Maker Claims First “Level 4+” System

A technology company is launching a product it claims is “the world’s first image-grade LiDAR system” capable of supporting “Level 4+” autonomous driving. Innovusion is making Cheetah, a system...


25th October 2018

AAA: ADAS Systems Could Drive Up Vehicle Repair Costs

A new study from AAA finds ADAS can add an extra $3,000 in repair costs, thanks to sensors and cameras that require specific parts and expertise.


15th October 2018

Researchers Claim Camera Could Aid AV Vision

Academics have created a camera they say could improve autonomous vehicles’ hazard detection abilities in challenging weather conditions. The University of Illinois researchers say it can do this by...


12th October 2018

Autonomous Driving “Supercomputer” Based on Volvo-Developed Software

An automotive technology company has developed an autonomous driving “supercomputer” called ‘Zeus’, using a software stack it developed in collaboration with Volvo Cars. Veoneer, a maker of ADAS and...


10th October 2018

Volvo Partners with Nvidia for AVs

New Volvos will feature self-driving and ADAS tech from Nvidia, the automaker has announced. Following Nvidia’s entry into AV simulation, Volvo says from the early 2020s onward, it will...


5th October 2018

Start-Up Developing Open-Source AV Network

A start-up is to develop an open-source network for autonomous cars, planes and boats using $24M in funding it has received. The DAV (Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles) Foundation says the...


4th October 2018

Consumer Reports: Cadillac Tops Tesla in ADAS Safety & Performance

A Consumer Reports ranking of semi-autonomous vehicle technology from major automakers puts Cadillac on top, beating out Tesla, while Volvo brings up the rear.


3rd October 2018

GM, Honda Join Forces to Develop AV

General Motors’ Cruise autonomous vehicle subsidiary is teaming up with Honda to develop an AV that can be mass-produced and deployed globally. GM says Honda will contribute manpower as...