Autonomous Vehicles

20th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Cruise Delivers Early Christmas Present to AV Rivals?

Building a robo-taxi business takes years, firing a CEO a matter of seconds. Dan Ammann lost his job at the helm of Cruise last week in a move that...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


13th December 2021

Weekly Brief: Mercedes-Benz Breaks Through Crucial Hands-Free AV Barrier

Autonomous driving isn’t autonomous driving if you have to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. It’s more like babysitting. Yet, almost every so-called...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


9th December 2021

Mercedes-Benz Gets Green Light for Level 3 Automated Driving

Mercedes-Benz is claiming to be the first automaker to meet the legal requirements to run a fully approved Level 3 autonomous driving system. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority...


30th November 2021

Autonomous Long-Haul Trucking to Solve Driver Shortage

At the end of September 2021 media reports in the UK suggested that there was a shortage of drivers to deliver diesel and fuel to service stations gas stations....

By Graham Jarvis


26th November 2021

Toyota Packages ADAS as a ‘Mate’

Toyota is rolling all its ADAS technologies into a single branded package called Toyota T-Mate in a bid to help consumers better understand the benefits being offered. Several studies...


22nd November 2021

Weekly Brief: Investors Get Excited about ‘iCar’ Rumors

Apple wants a self-driving car on the road as soon as 2025. Leaks from inside the tech giant’s secretive self-driving car initiative, Project Titan, paint a picture of a...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


17th November 2021

REE Unveils Flexible Urban AV Platform

Israeli automotive technology company REE has unveiled its autonomous concept vehicle based on a new ultra-modular BEV platform design. The full-size concept, dubbed Leopard, is aimed at last-mile autonomous...


16th November 2021

Russian AV expansion Shows Regulators Must be On-Board

Russian AV developer, Yandex, has partnered with Moscow in two new driverless pilots, both starting later this year. The company is expanding its driverless ambitions to trams, starting with...

By Roma Nazarov


12th November 2021

Industry Voices: Computer Vision Building Trust with AVs

Opinion piece by Eliron Ekstein, CEO and co-founder of Ravin. In a recent pilot project, cameras, along with computer vision and artificial intelligence, at an Avis rental car station...


11th November 2021

Industry Voices: Next-Generation Mobility Needs Game-Changing Sensors

Opinion piece by Max Liberman, Uhnder’s vice-president of chips for AV radar. One of the benefits of living in today’s world of ultra-fast-moving technological advancements is that we get to see our...


10th November 2021

AVs Herald a New World for Socializing, Says SberAutoTech

One of the pioneers of autonomous driving technology, Andrey Vasilevsky, CEO of SberAutoTech, outlined his thoughts on urban planning and social aspects of driverless mobility to TU-Automotive. “Visiting my...

By Roma Nazarov

9th November 2021

Industry Voices: Autonomous Cars? Not Unless They’re Connected

Opinion piece by Filip Klippel, automotive manager at HERE Technologies. Autonomous vehicles and their reality have long been discussed. A few years ago, it was predicted that we would...