Autonomous Vehicles

16th January 2020

Qualcomm Targets AV Market with Snapdragon Drive Platform

Qualcomm introduces the Snapdragon Ride Platform,  a thermally efficient family of processors with software capability to scale from ADAS to full AV driving and capable of cost effectively supporting...


15th January 2020

Virtual Ruts May Speed Up Driverless Adoption

It could be pointed out that a skilled carpenter can sharpen a pencil with an axe. Luckily, you don’t have to perform the same feat because pencil sharpener is...

By Roma Nazarov


14th January 2020

Nvidia Partners to Solve Complex AV Challenge

Nvidia gives an update on their Drive platform partner program.  


13th January 2020

Weekly Brief: US Abandons AV Restraint as Makers Self-Regulate

The United States government would like the self-driving car industry to know something. It’s that it can do whatever it would like, wherever it would like, whenever it would...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


10th January 2020

VW Uses Simulation for Peak Performance

Sponsored Content Simulation helped Volkswagen smash the Pike Peaks climb record and will accelerate electrification and autonomous driving development.


9th January 2020

Oxbotica Aims for Weather-Proof ‘Perception’ Suite

Robotics specialist Oxbotica will launch an AV sensor suite whose ‘perception’ capabilities will cope will adverse weather conditions. The claim is a bold one with automaker giants, including Ford...


8th January 2020

Cheaper LiDAR Sensor Brings Trade Offs

The cost of LiDAR sensors for autonomous vehicles is decreasing, with one company claiming the first $100 unit. Naturally, Velodyne’s Velabit is not able to cover 360-degree capability of previous spinning sensors,...


3rd January 2020

Aisin’s Robot Bus Unveils at 2020 CES

Auto Tier 1, Aisin, will unveil its autonomous public transport ‘bus’ concept aiming to showcase its expertise in connectivity, electrification and automation. The unveil of “i-mobility TYPE-C20” planned for...


3rd January 2020

Like a Foxtrot, 2020 Likely to be Quick-Quick-Slow for Auto Tech

Technology is firmly ensconced in the auto industry, with automakers, Tier 1s and other suppliers convinced that software and technology will become at least as important as vehicle components....

By Susan Kuchinskas


2nd January 2020

Bosch Pours Scorn on LiDAR-Less Driverless Tech

Bosch has poured scorn on autonomous driving systems that do not feature what it sees as essential LiDAR senors. Its stance flies in the face of carmakers such as...


20th December 2019

Connectivity Hurdles Driverless Tech Still to Clear

Connected and autonomous vehicles are no doubt part of the future. However, as with electric vehicles, there are hurdles that they are going to have to resolve rather than...

By Graham Jarvis


19th December 2019

Xpeng Claims First L3 Autonomous BEV

Chinese BEV maker Xpeng has claimed its Level 3 driverless technology is the country’s first market ready system to hit the roads next year. Its P7 executive performance model...