Autonomous Vehicles

25th June 2019

BMW’s Sneak Peek at Driverless Strategy

BMW has proffered its own vision of a driverless future albeit one that envisages its customers will, at times, always want to take the controls. Its BMW Vision M...


24th June 2019

Nissan Accelerates ProPilot Roll-Out

In what could be the biggest roll-out of advanced semi-autonomous technology to date, Nissan is offering its ProPilot platform on all models of its top-selling crossover. The Nissan Qashqai,...


21st June 2019

Volvo’s Robo-Truck Vera Gets First Real Job

An electric, connected autonomous container mover called Vera is to begin commercial operations at a Swedish port. The robo-truck built by Volvo will form part of an integrated solution...


20th June 2019

Renault-Nissan Alliance In Bed With Waymo

Waymo has been chosen by the Renault-Nissan Alliance as its partner to accelerate autonomous mobility in the French and Japanese markets. In a statement the Alliance said this was...


17th June 2019

Supercomputer Claims Autonomous Leap

Gaming giant Nvidia has unveiled a supercomputer is claims will accelerate autonomous technology through its AI capabilities. It says the DGX SuperPOD, world’s 22nd fastest supercomputer, can ‘train’ AI...


13th June 2019

What the Autonomous Industry Should Learn from Boeing

Boeing’s 737 Max disasters should be a wake-up call for the automotive industry. As we move through advanced driver safety to autonomous systems, there are troubling analogies with commercial...

By Susan Kuchinskas

12th June 2019

Year After Phoenix Volvo Claims Production Ready AV

Volvo is claiming it has developed a production-ready autonomous Uber taxi little more than a year after one if its test mules killed a cyclist in Phoenix, Arizona. This...


10th June 2019

Scania Showcases Driverless BEV

Swedish truck maker Scania is flexing its autonomous muscles by showcasing its own BEV self-driving urban concept vehicle, the NXT. It claims a multi-tasking capability to shift from ferrying...


10th June 2019

Weekly Brief: Walmart Joins Self-Driving Delivery Push

Want a sneak peek of the robot revolution? Travel down to your local Walmart, where human employees are being replaced by robots for a range of activities. There’s the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th June 2019

Cadillac Expands Super Cruise ADAS Availability

Cadillac plans to expand the availability of its Super Cruise network to a further 70,000 miles of North American highway. This means Super Cruise, Cadillac’s hands-free driver assistance system,...


4th June 2019

Driverless Needs Pan Auto Industry Agreement, Says German Project

A German project to standardize autonomous vehicle testing is claiming the technology can never be widely adopted without agreement between the whole automotive industry and regulators. The Pegasus project...


3rd June 2019

Weekly Brief: Lyft Steals Robo-Taxi March on Waymo

Lyft hit an impressive milestone last week in Las Vegas: the ride-sharing company has now completed 55,000 trips in its robo-taxis with paying customers onboard. The trips have been...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve