Autonomous Vehicles

3rd May 2022

Driverless Kitted Toyotas ‘Handled Artic Snow Storms’

An autonomous driving technology company is claiming its systems can cope with the worst that winter Artic conditions can through at it. Sensible 4 says it has carried out...


25th April 2022

Collision Avoiding ADAS being Developed by Nissan

Nissan claims it is developing ADAS that could automatically perform collision-avoidance maneuvers without input from the driver. The automaker’s “ground truth perception” technology fuses information from high-performance LiDAR, radar...


21st April 2022

Cupra Born Focused on Vulnerable Road Users

Cupra’s city-focused BEV, the Born, is hoping to help reduce driver stress levels in streets populated by pedestrians and cyclists. It will feature ADAS specifically tailored to protect the...


8th April 2022

Limitations of ADAS, V2V and V2X Communications

At the end of 2021, Dan Loop, vice-president and general manager of Automotive Edge Processing at NXP Semiconductors, wrote an article in All About Circuits entitled, Understanding ADAS Limitations...

By Graham Jarvis


25th March 2022

Automakers Shouldering AV Collision Liability not Consumer Free Pass

Carmakers taking responsibility for driverless technology that goes wrong should not be a carte blanche for the consumer’s personal responsibility. That’s the view of automotive safety specialist, Thatcham Research,...


21st March 2022

Volkswagen Moves a Step Closer to AVs with ID. Upgrade

Following successful testing of its swarm data technology, Volkswagen is rolling out its benefits to owners of its ID. BEV models with over-the-air updates. With its software generation 3.0,...


14th March 2022

Weekly Brief: Driverless Tech Green Light so long as You Face Forward

Self-driving cars without manual controls are now street legal in America. After 20 years of evolution in the autonomous vehicle space, the US federal government finally passed a rule...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


9th March 2022

Driverless Tech Education Needed to Convince UK Motorists

Drivers in the UK are still convinced driverless cars will cause more accidents with female drivers the most concerned. That’s the findings of a study by road safety charity,...


7th March 2022

Weekly Brief: Waymo and GM Cruise at Tipping Point in Robo-Taxi Campaign

The State of California gave Waymo the green light to launch a commercial robo-taxi service in San Francisco. A safety driver must always be behind the wheel, according to...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th February 2022

JLR Teams with Nvidia on Autonomous Driving Strategy

Jaguar Land Rover has teamed up with Nvidia to accelerate its autonomous technology for future models. It has formed a multi-year strategic partnership with the digital specialist to jointly...


10th February 2022

Locust Swarming Could Accelerate Autonomous Drive Technology

Lessons drawn from the insect world could be used to advance the capabilities of driverless car technology. That’s the view of university researchers who believe these lessons could revolutionize...


3rd February 2022

Another Tesla Recall Now for Rolling Through Stop Signs

Tesla has announced another recall of vehicles, this time for software that allows them to roll through stop signs. Following on from its recall of nearly half a million...