9th July 2019

Continental Begins Series Production of Autonomous Sensors

Continental is readying itself for series production of the sensors required to deliver commercially available driverless mobility. It sees the vanguard of the technology being small autonomous shuttle buses...


8th July 2019

Weekly Brief: More Mega Partnerships Pump Up Auto Tech

The longer the road one has to travel, the nicer it is to have some company. This is true for human beings and for businesses as well, especially those...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


2nd July 2019

Best of the Robo-Cities

As long as the automobile industry has been in existence, it’s needed to use testing facilities. With our determined progress up the levels of autonomy, of course, the requirement...

By Eric Volkman


27th June 2019

Brexit Threatens UK Auto Tech Future

Continuing falls in UK car production owing to Brexit uncertainties are calling into question the nation’s potential to keep pace with future automotive technology. That’s the fear expressed by...


25th June 2019

BMW’s Sneak Peek at Driverless Strategy

BMW has proffered its own vision of a driverless future albeit one that envisages its customers will, at times, always want to take the controls. Its BMW Vision M...


24th June 2019

Nissan Accelerates ProPilot Roll-Out

In what could be the biggest roll-out of advanced semi-autonomous technology to date, Nissan is offering its ProPilot platform on all models of its top-selling crossover. The Nissan Qashqai,...


21st June 2019

Volvo’s Robo-Truck Vera Gets First Real Job

An electric, connected autonomous container mover called Vera is to begin commercial operations at a Swedish port. The robo-truck built by Volvo will form part of an integrated solution...


17th June 2019

Supercomputer Claims Autonomous Leap

Gaming giant Nvidia has unveiled a supercomputer is claims will accelerate autonomous technology through its AI capabilities. It says the DGX SuperPOD, world’s 22nd fastest supercomputer, can ‘train’ AI...


30th May 2019

Lexus Pioneers ‘Spinning’ Headlamps on Latest SUV

Lexus is claiming a world first with anti-dazzle safety headlamps for its new Lexus RX luxury SUV. The car will feature lights with an adaptive high beam system (AHS),...


29th May 2019

JLR Steering ADAS Blows Hot and Cold

Jaguar Land Rover is exploring the use of steering wheels that rapidly heat or cool down as ways of telling drivers when to turn left or right. The carmaker...


28th May 2019

Ford Plans Robot For ‘Delivery by Hand’

Ford is developing a two-legged robot in a bid to solve the last-mile gap between a driverless delivery vehicle and the human consumer. Working with Agility Robotics , the...


17th May 2019

Tesla’s Autopilot Fatally Doesn’t See Another Truck

A Tesla Model 3 was on Autopilot when involved in a fatal crash that is almost a carbon copy of the system’s first fatality three years ago. The US...