11th September 2020

Cloud OTAs to Offer Future AVs Refreshed Brains

Driverless vehicles will, ultimately, be able to download new ‘brains’ from the cloud and 5G connectivity will hold to key to that capability. That’s the view of Hemant Sikaria,...


8th September 2020

Building the Infrastructure to Suit Driverless Cars

The Caviar (Connected and Autonomous Vehicle: Infrastructure Appraisal Readiness) project is a program set up in a bid to understand the challenges connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) could face...

By Graham Jarvis


31st August 2020

Weekly Brief: Automakers Must Stop Marketing ‘Dangerous’ Automated Tech

A Tesla driver traveling westbound on US Highway 64 in Nash County, North Carolina, slammed his Model S into a sheriff’s car last week. The force of the impact...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


28th August 2020

Ford Tests Bosch’s Automated Parking Technology

Ford is to start testing automated car parking technology that turns the vehicle into its own valet parker. The pilot is a joint experiment by the automaker, Bosch and...


27th August 2020

Super Cruise Comes to Chevy Bolt EUV

Latest in the sneak peek of upcoming technology is the first official silhouette glimpse of the new Chevrolet Bolt EUV and refreshed Bolt EV. The headliner here is that the...


20th August 2020

Driverless Tech Finding New Life in Old Data

Testing connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) in the real world is said to be the gold standard for being able to collate data to improve them. However, for much...

By Graham Jarvis


18th August 2020

Nissan AV Truck Pilot Gets Green Light in UK

Driverless trucks could soon be trialed on UK highways following the agreement of government funding for a Nissan CAV pilot. Connectivity specialist StreetDrone has won the investment as part...


12th August 2020

Hyundai Chooses Aptiv for Level 4 Autonomous Assault

Hyundai has partnered with sensor manufacturer, Aptiv, in a bid to accelerate its hopes of bringing a Level 4 driverless vehicle to market. The pair will steer their autonomous...


23rd July 2020

Lotus Tech Center Targets Autonomy and Connectivity

Iconic sportscar maker Lotus is setting its sights on developing advanced autonomous and connected car technology by announcing its new research center. In partnership with WMG (formerly Warwick Manufacturing...


22nd July 2020

Semi-Autonomous Retrofit Claiming Fleet Savings

Fuel economy is a strong selling point with vehicle automation systems, thinks Andrey Vavilin, co-founder and CEO at AV start-up BaseTracK. With this presumption in mind, the developer undertakes...

By Roma Nazarov


26th June 2020

Oxbotica Plans Driverless by Deepfake

Autonomous driving specialist Oxbotica is continuing its plundering of gaming technology turning to “deepfake” to advance its driverless program. The company, born out of the Oxford Mobile Robotics Group...


24th June 2020

Mercedes to Rollout Nvidia Driverless Platform

Mercedes-Benz plans to rollout Nvidia’s autonomous driving software platform across its entire fleet starting in 2024. The automaker says the two companies have been working together to develop what...