6th August 2021

Baidu Unveils latest Autonomous BEV Minibus

China’s digital giant, Baidu, has announced the launch of its latest multi-purpose autonomous minibus it hopes to go into commercial service in the Guangzhou Huangpu District. The Apolong II...


5th August 2021

Less Devil more Care with Piaggio’s Scooter ADAS

The devil-may-care image of the city scooter, that has persisted since the 1953 movie Roman Holiday, could be nearing its end thanks to ADAS technology. While those of us...


30th July 2021

Driverless Tech Must Ride Out the Storms to Come

Navigation products are being released all the time promising drivers the ability to take into account extreme weather conditions. Matthew Avery, director of insurance research at Thatcham Research, reminds...

By Graham Jarvis

21st July 2021

Hyundai claims Brainwave in Driver Health Monitoring

Hyundai’s auto supplier wing claims to have developed brainwave-measuring technology that could enhance in car health monitoring. After three years of development, Hyundai Mobis says it has created ‘M.Brain’,...


19th July 2021

Weekly Brief: When’s a Self-Driving Car Not a Self-Driving Car? When it’s a Tesla

Tesla launched a new subscription service last week for its ‘Full Self Driving’ (FSD) package. For the price of $199 per month, Tesla owners can now upgrade their vehicles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th July 2021

FEV Claims Level 4 Autonomy for Worksite Truck

Specialist vehicle developer, FEV, claims to have converted its worksite cargo and passenger mover to Level 4 autonomous capability. Its engineers in Turkey have developed advanced driverless functions for...


1st July 2021

LiDAR Ready Concept Points to Volvo’s AV Future

Volvo has unveiled its latest premium BEV concept in the shape of the Volvo Concept Recharge, it says, sets the template for the next generation automated driving models. This...


30th June 2021

Mini Makes its Virtual AV Concept a Reality

Mini has made its driverless Vision Urbanaut virtual concept into a reality ready to show the world in Munich tomorrow. The virtual concept announced in November 2020, has been...


4th December 2020

Driverless Tech Must Predict the Future to be Safe

Common sense suggests it’s no good connected and autonomous vehicles just operating according to known scenarios, obstacles and potential causes of accidents. CAVs must also be able to predict...

By Graham Jarvis


4th December 2020

Einride Driverless Cargo Pods Ready for Highway

Swedish driverless truck manufacturer, Einride, has chosen Nvidia’s computing platform to power its latest Pod transporter now ready for highway use. It has announced that the Drive AGX Orin...


20th November 2020

Renault Claims Success with Three-Year AV Project

Renault says it has completed its three-year real-world autonomous driving project claiming success with both its technology and consumer confidence. Starting in September 2017 in a region to the...


18th November 2020

Don’t Scare Fleet Drivers with Aggressive Monitoring, Says Zenduit

It is possible that fleet drivers could actively avoid using a vehicle’s autonomous features unless organizations and regulators take into account where the driving is taking place. That’s the...