29th December 2021

Waymo turns to China’s Geely for Latest Robo-Taxi Fleet

Waymo is turning to Chinese auto giant Geely to provide the latest models in its fleet of robo-taxis for the US market. In a clear rebuffal of the old...


9th December 2021

Mercedes-Benz Gets Green Light for Level 3 Automated Driving

Mercedes-Benz is claiming to be the first automaker to meet the legal requirements to run a fully approved Level 3 autonomous driving system. The German Federal Motor Transport Authority...


17th November 2021

REE Unveils Flexible Urban AV Platform

Israeli automotive technology company REE has unveiled its autonomous concept vehicle based on a new ultra-modular BEV platform design. The full-size concept, dubbed Leopard, is aimed at last-mile autonomous...


11th November 2021

Industry Voices: Next-Generation Mobility Needs Game-Changing Sensors

Opinion piece by Max Liberman, Uhnder’s vice-president of chips for AV radar. One of the benefits of living in today’s world of ultra-fast-moving technological advancements is that we get to see our...


9th November 2021

Industry Voices: Autonomous Cars? Not Unless They’re Connected

Opinion piece by Filip Klippel, automotive manager at HERE Technologies. Autonomous vehicles and their reality have long been discussed. A few years ago, it was predicted that we would...


28th October 2021

Local Intelligence’s Role in Fully Automated Mobility

The path towards automated, autonomous mobility is complex to the extent that there is no single path to achieve it. However, this transition it is either viewed as an...

By Graham Jarvis


26th October 2021

Tesla Forced to Drop Latest Autonomous Update

Tesla’s roller-coaster ride continues with it having to withdraw its latest autonomous driving software update following problems reported by consumers. Hiding behind the fanfare of the automaker sealing a...


25th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Pioneering Tech a Double-Edged Sword for Tesla?

With greater success comes greater scrutiny. Tesla capped off a record-setting quarter last week, even by its own lofty standards. The company produced a record number of vehicles within...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


12th October 2021

Hyundai Unveils Folding Steering Wheel for Driverless Cars

Hyundai’s automotive supply subsidiary has developed a foldable steering wheel assembly for use in autonomous vehicles. The stand-alone company, Hyundai Mobis, has unveiled the system that can allow for...


11th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Unregulated Driverless Cars About to Happen in US?

General Motors unveiled a new driving system last week that could radically reshape the race to put self-driving consumer cars on the road in North America. Dubbed Ultra Cruise,...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


20th September 2021

‘World’s Largest’ Open Dataset for AVs Launched

University researchers in Sweden claim to have launched the world’s biggest open dataset for the development of autonomous vehicles. Autonomous transport systems on roads, water and in the air,...


17th September 2021

Industry Voices: The Tesla Emphasis on Vision

Opinion piece by Brad Rosen, co-founder and chief operating officer of NODAR, a provider of multi-camera 3D vision technology for advanced driver-assistant systems and autonomous vehicles. NHTSA has opened...