20th September 2019

Driverless Car Price Tags At Least $100K By 2022

Costs of sensor arrays for autonomous vehicles will still see car price tags of more than $100,000 by the year 2022. That’s the finding of a new study by...


13th September 2019

UK University Installs Europe’s First Auto 5G Test Base

UK university researchers are claiming to have installed Europe’s first driverless car targeted 5G user equipment test bed. A team from the University of Warwick has embarked on a...


30th August 2019

Bosch Claims Breakthrough in AV Cameras

Automotive supply giant Bosch is claiming a breakthrough in camera technology promising to make cars “better drivers than humans”. Its AI enhanced camera arrays are set to make their...


29th August 2019

Apps Become Spanners For Driverless Cars, Says BlackBerry

The days of aftermarket, do-it-yourself repairs could come to an end as automakers strive to secure their vehicles from an onslaught of cyber-security threats. Depending on the make and...

By Louis Bedigian


21st August 2019

Waymo Rain Test Shows Robo-Taxi Stuck in Slow Lane

As if proving the first tentative steps into a commercial driverless taxi service is still some way off, Waymo has announced it needs to test its robo-taxi tech in...


19th August 2019

This Single Sensor Could Save Lives

Vayyar Imaging’s proprietary life-sensing technology has several potential safety applications including optimized airbag deployment, driver drowsiness alerts and can detect when children are left unattended inside a vehicle. This interview...


16th August 2019

Smarter Internet a Must for Driverless Cars

A lot has been said about the need for driverless cars to use connectivity, which should allow future automobiles navigate through the toughest and most challenging scenarios. Much less...

By Louis Bedigian


14th August 2019

Mapping Roads for AVs with “Tactile Data”

Tactile Mobility’s software solution captures information from existing sensors to map road conditions in real time. This interview was recorded at the EcoMotion mobility event in Tel Aviv, June 2019.


9th August 2019

Wine Robot To Monitor The Vines

Driverless agricultural vehicles have taken a firm hold in the farming industry and now the latest could help ensure top-quality bottles of wine. The VineScout claims to be able...


31st July 2019

Continental Claims Cloud Automated Speed Control

A message from the cloud could take over the speed of a vehicle judged to be travelling too fast for road conditions under a system developed by Continental. The...


23rd July 2019

Reasons Behind Israel’s Rise in Auto Tech

Israel is a small country, its few attempts at car manufacturing ended badly and much of its real estate is desert. It’s really the last place where a thriving...

By Eric Volkman


12th July 2019

Toyota to Start AV Testing in Europe

Toyota has chosen the seat of the European Union to begin testing its autonomous technology on continental public highways. It will begin its automated driving (AD) program trialing its...