15th February 2019

Goodyear Providing Tires for AVs

Goodyear is to provide connected tires for Local Motors’ Olli eight-passenger autonomous shuttle vehicles. The tire giant has been testing tires on a fleet of three Ollis. It says...


5th February 2019

Consumers Will Pay For Autonomous Safety, Kia Says

Motorists are already being conditioned to accept the expected driverless technology by current ADAS being employed in vehicles. That’s the view of Michael Cole, chief operating officer and executive...


25th January 2019

Two-Zone Ride-Share AV Cabin Unveiled

A Chinese auto interior specialist has unveiled its vision of a future driverless car cabin centered on providing two distinct passenger zones. The Yanfeng XiM20 interior claims to provide...


24th January 2019

JLR’s AVs Could Use Projections To Warn Road Users of Intentions

Jaguar Land Rover has developed an autonomous vehicle (AV) lighting system that will warn other road users where the car is headed. Not unlike the system unveiled by Hyundai...


11th January 2019

Hyundai Developing Tech to Aid Hearing-Impaired Drivers

Hyundai is creating new tech for hearing-impaired drivers navigate that will allow them to get to their destinations safely. This includes a steering wheel that lights up and vibrates,...


9th January 2019

TDK Launches AV Positioning Software Coursa Drive

TDK's Coursa Drive is a lower-cost, highly accurate software platform that could help AV platform developers scale beyond prototype vehicles to high-volume mass production.


8th January 2019

‘Walking Cars’ for Last-Step Delivery, Claims Hyundai

Surely one of the more outlandish flights of fancy in a conference full of dreamers, must be Hyundai’s “walking car” concept. Naturally in a bid to give the concept...


7th January 2019

Emissions Cut Behind Delphi and TomTom Collaboration

UK autonomous driving specialist Delphi Technologies has announced a collaboration with navigation provider TomTom in a bid to radically cut transport emissions. The pair hope to devise electronic and...


3rd January 2019

Tech Partnership Promises Next Gen Solid State LiDAR

Two auto tech specialists are teaming up in a bid to develop what they claim will be the next generation solid state LiDAR for autonomous vehicles. Sense Photonics, a...


3rd January 2019

4D Radar Launch Claims L4 Autonomy

An Israeli robotics specialist is claiming a break-through advance towards driverless vehicles with its new radar suite to be demonstrated at the CES 2019. Arbe Robotics will present its...


20th December 2018

ADAS Building Favor Among Carbuyers, Says Continental

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are proving popular despite warnings from auto safety organizations concerning consumer confusion over the limitations of the technology. A study, commission by component maker...

Report by Nathan Eddy and Greg Hyde


18th December 2018

BASF Colors Brighten Lidar’s Ability to Better See Vehicles

In releasing a new line of car paints for 2018-2019, BASF believes that certain hues will help Lidar better detect autonomous and other vehicles.