30th August 2023

Tesla Quizzed Over Autopilot Update Stopping Driver Monitoring

US road automotive safety regulators are demanding to know why Tesla changed its Autopilot cruise control software suite to allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheel....


28th August 2023

Polestar 4 First to Feature Mobileye’s Chauffeur Driverless Tech

The new Polestar 4 BEV will be the automaker’s first production car to employ Mobileye’s Chauffeur autonomous driving technology hoping to provide next level ADAS capabilities. The automaker says...


25th August 2023

Automakers Challenged by Open Source ADAS

Very often, the hot ADAS solution of the moment is one created in-house by a talented group of developers. That stands to reason, because some of the best software...

By Eric Volkman


15th August 2023

Geely Launches Driverless Car Brand

Geely has teamed up with Chinese digital giant Baidu to launch the autonomous driving car brand Ji Yue. The pair have been working on driverless technology tested in real...


2nd August 2023

BMW in Push to Bring Level 3 LiDAR AV Tech to Market

BMW is expanding its collaboration with Israeli LiDAR specialist Innoviz Technologies to accelerate its autonomous driving capabilities aimed at bringing Level 3 to market. Under the new development agreement,...


31st July 2023

Conviction of AV Safety Driver Doesn’t let Uber Off the Hook

Uber will hope the conviction of its safety driver for the fatal 2018 accident in Phoenix, Arizona, that led to it scrapping autonomous driving plans, will draw a line...


7th July 2023

Tesla’s Autopilot Faults Still Threaten Children, Safety Advocate Warns

A US road safety advocate organization claims Tesla’s latest Autopilot ‘Full Self-Driving’ update has failed to cure any of the system’s major issues. The Dawn Project, a long-time critic...


1st June 2023

UK Start-Up Claims First Driverless Car-Hire Service

A British start-up is offering a fully unmanned driverless delivered on demand car-hiring service, albeit using remote control technology. The company, Imperium Drive, has launched the Fetch service first...


26th May 2023

Autonomous Tech Stalled Through Lack of Innovation

Autonomous cars were expected to be the next big thing in mobility but, after endless hype for their potential and broken promises of imminent deployment, we don’t seem to...

By Louis Bedigian


24th May 2023

Steelers on Schmooze Tour for AV Concept

A consortium of automotive steel makers hope to display their vision of an autonomous Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) concept shuttle in a tour of US and European events. The consortium, the...


10th April 2023

Why AI Needs to be Humanized

Connected and autonomous vehicles are highly reliant on artificial intelligence (AI) to operate. This led start-up Humanising Autonomy, a UK-based developer of behavior and computer vision AI, to consider...

By Graham Jarvis


29th March 2023

Kia to Bring L3 Autonomous Driving to New EV9

Kia will bring Level 3 automated driving capabilities to its latest BEV product to markets where regulations allow its use. Its Highway Driving Pilot (HDP) system claims to provide...