12th October 2021

Hyundai Unveils Folding Steering Wheel for Driverless Cars

Hyundai’s automotive supply subsidiary has developed a foldable steering wheel assembly for use in autonomous vehicles. The stand-alone company, Hyundai Mobis, has unveiled the system that can allow for...


11th October 2021

Weekly Brief: Unregulated Driverless Cars About to Happen in US?

General Motors unveiled a new driving system last week that could radically reshape the race to put self-driving consumer cars on the road in North America. Dubbed Ultra Cruise,...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


20th September 2021

‘World’s Largest’ Open Dataset for AVs Launched

University researchers in Sweden claim to have launched the world’s biggest open dataset for the development of autonomous vehicles. Autonomous transport systems on roads, water and in the air,...


17th September 2021

Industry Voices: The Tesla Emphasis on Vision

Opinion piece by Brad Rosen, co-founder and chief operating officer of NODAR, a provider of multi-camera 3D vision technology for advanced driver-assistant systems and autonomous vehicles. NHTSA has opened...


17th September 2021

Stellantis Shows Off its Level 3 Technology

Stellantis has presented its findings from a pilot program testing Level 3 autonomous vehicles on public Italian highways. Its group research center (CRF) has taken part in the “C-Roads...


3rd September 2021

Audi’s Second Sphere Concept a ‘Jet for the Road’

Audi will unveil what it promises could be a “private jet for the road” complete with Level 4 retractable steering wheel autopilot autonomous capabilities. It will be presenting the...


1st September 2021

Continental’s Focus is on Self-Driving and Cars as Computers

Automotive supplier giant Continental will focus on presenting its views that cars must become mobile super-computers and be self-driving at the IAA Mobility Show in Munich. It envisages the...


25th August 2021

Canada’s First Smart Infrastructure AV Pilot Begins Trial

A bus service claiming full autonomous operation is due to start commercial operations in Ontario later this year. Dubbed the Whitby Autonomous Vehicle Electric (WAVE) the shuttle will serve...


23rd August 2021

Hyundai’s AI Powered Level 5 Concept Stars at IAA

Hyundai will unveil it’s Level 5 autonomous concept shuttle aimed at future smart city transportation at next month’s IAA Mobility 2021. The concept, developed by the automaker’s technology supplier,...


17th August 2021

NHTSA Finally Turns Heat Up on Tesla Autopilot

US regulators have finally launched an official investigation into Tesla’s adaptive cruise control system following a catalogue of accidents and complaints. BBC News reports that the National Highway Traffic...


10th August 2021

Weather Still a Challenge to AVs

In the drive towards full autonomy, vehicle makers and solutions providers must tackle a nearly impossible variety of factors. Some of these, often necessarily, are more attention-grabbing than others...

By Eric Volkman


6th August 2021

Baidu Unveils latest Autonomous BEV Minibus

China’s digital giant, Baidu, has announced the launch of its latest multi-purpose autonomous minibus it hopes to go into commercial service in the Guangzhou Huangpu District. The Apolong II...