29th January 2018

Weekly Brief: Two Tesla Autopilot incidents raise driverless concerns

A couple more Tesla Autopilot incidents raises fresh questions about the safety of semi-autonomous tech. Andrew Tolve reports. Tesla’s highly touted driver assistance system, Autopilot, picked up two more black...


5th January 2018

Driverless could drive us off the road

Driverless cars will change the face of mobility for ever and could consign driven vehicles to the same fate as the horse-and-buggy. That’s the prediction being made by Mark...


1st January 2018

Volvo Scales Back Self-Driving Program

Volvo's Drive Me project will start in Sweden in 2021, four years later than expected.


20th November 2017

Weekly Brief: Tesla unveils an all-electric semi-autonomous big rig

A slew of companies, including Walmart, are lining up to preorder the Tesla Semi. Andrew Tolve reports. Gas-guzzling big rigs may soon be a thing of the past and...


3rd November 2017

Regulators must be shown the benefit of autonomous vehicles

Regulations are one of the leading concerns surrounding the development and deployment of self-driving vehicles. Lawmakers must create and agree on the rules of the road before autonomous technology...


9th October 2017

Weekly Brief: GM doubles self-driving car fleet as it targets robotaxi service

Forget about the Uber-Waymo drama, GM may be the company to beat when it comes to driverless cabs. Andrew Tolve reports. General Motors is aggressively growing the size of its...


10th August 2017

Driverless tech will steer the way we move

Uber and Lyft have garnered endless attention as the ultimate alternative to traditional taxis but they could be a stopgap on the way to an automotive revolution. If successful,...


30th May 2017

Weekly Brief: Nevada places its bets on a collision free state

The ‘casino’ state commits to creating the first V2V network in US. Andrew Tolve reports. The US Department of Transportation's proposed rule mandating vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication would be a...


7th April 2017

Honda keeps hydrogen option open for driverless cars

Carmakers are hedging their bets over powertrains to suit driverless cars simply because they still don’t know how consumers will use the technology. For while most experts believe electrification...


7th April 2017

The Disrupters: Navya shuttle slow but sure towards a driverless future

The autonomous shuttle market is heating up with a number of new entrants but Navya was the first to produce and sell them to interested buyers. The company’s first...


10th March 2017

Snow no Challenge for AWD Dodge muscle car

Automakers build a range of vehicles equipped to tackle snowy conditions, carry a load and keep driver and passengers comfortable and happy. It’s safe to say the Dodge Challenger...


27th January 2017

Clean-air rules could freshen Chilean auto market

Moves to curb dangerous levels of pollution from vehicle emissions will boost demand for new cars in Chile, just as the country’s auto market is emerging from a slump,...