1st March 2018

Ford’s Autonomous Vehicles Hitting Miami Beach Streets

The partnership with Miami is part of Ford's long-term plan to introduce its self-driving vehicles to the wider public by 2021.


28th February 2018

California Okays Driverless Cars but Demands Cybersecurity

The Golden State is looking to pave the way for driverless cars and other autonomous vehicles, but California lawmakers also want a degree of cybersecurity baked in.


23rd February 2018

Utah Moves to Legalize Self-Driving Cars

Utah is the latest state to embrace self-driving and autonomous vehicles for testing.


22nd February 2018

Autonomous Vehicles Could Reduce Traffic Jams – Report

Researchers at Rutgers University-Camden presented evidence that just a few self-driving or autonomous vehicles can help reduce waves of traffic.


21st February 2018

Arizona OKs Waymo’s Commercial Ride-Hailing Service

Waymo is about to not only step into Uber's turf with a ride-sharing service in Phoenix, but the company also plans to take this service one step further.


19th February 2018

Startup Seeva Raises $2M With Help of Bezos-Backed Fund

Seeva, a startup that designs visibility systems for connected vehicles, announced a $2 million round of seed funding, which included money from a fund backed by Amazon's Jeff Bezos.


16th February 2018

Massachusetts, Indiana Ramp Up Self-Driving Vehicle Debates

The Bay State and the Hoosier State are looking closely at regulations and legislation that could lead to self-driving vehicles, with an emphasis on safely.


14th February 2018

Consumer Group Slams US Senate’s Autonomous Vehicle Bill

This week, Consumer Watchdog sent a letter to the US Senate arguing that self-driving and autonomous vehicles still lack significant safety features. The group noted the number of times...


9th February 2018

Embark’s Autonomous Truck Completes Cross-Country Trek

Relying entirely on sensor data and its on-board machine learning, San Francisco startup Embark's autonomous truck drives coast to coast in five days.


7th February 2018

Daimler & Bosch Will Test Self-Driving Taxi Within Months

Daimler and Borsch are teaming up to bring a self-driving taxi to Germany streets -- and the tests will start soon.


1st February 2018

Waymo, GM Lead Autonomous Car Testing in California

In California, General Motors and Waymo vehicles continue to hold the lead in the increasingly competitive self-driving car market, according to the state's DMV.


31st January 2018

PPG & MCity Developing Special Coatings for Autonomous Vehicles

PPG will use the University of Michigan autonomous vehicle R&D facility to work on new paints that can be seen better by driverless cars.