7th May 2018

Ansys Acquires AV Simulation Software Specialist Optis

Simulation software specialist Ansys broadens its capabilities for autonomous vehicle testing with the purchase of Optis.


4th May 2018

Toyota Builds Autonomous Vehicle Test Track in Michigan

TRI, the research arm of Toyota, is building a closed-course track in Michigan for the development and testing of autonomous vehicles.


3rd May 2018

Elon Musk: Teslas Could Reach Autonomy in Late 2019

In announcing the company's first-quarter results, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a bold prediction that the company's vehicle could achieve autonomy by the end of 2019. Musk also defended...


2nd May 2018

Continental Tests Level 3 AVs on Germany’s Autobahn

Continental, the German auto parts and technology giant, is taking its Level 3 Cruising Chauffeur to the German autobahn and the highways of Lower Saxony.


1st May 2018

Rhode Island DoT Looks to Spur Autonomous Transit Development

The Ocean State is looking to move autonomous transit testing plans into the fast lane through a public-private partnership serving downtown Providence.


1st May 2018

Tesla Owner Lets Autopilot Drive, Gets Banned from the Road

In the UK, Tesla owner Bhavesh Patel showed that the company's Autopilot feature is sometimes more trouble than it's worth.


30th April 2018

Startup ClearMotion Has a Cure for Autonomous Carsickness

What's the biggest challenging facing autonomous vehicles? It might be nauseous passengers. Startup Clearmotion claims it has a cure for future carsickness.


25th April 2018

North America Will Adopt AVs First, Forecast Finds

In the coming years, North America, followed by Europe, will dominate the market for autonomous vehicles, which will likely start off as commercial offerings. China will catch up later.


24th April 2018

Michigan, UK Join Forces on Connected Cars & AVs

The new inked agreement between the UK and Michigan should help to accelerate the development of connected and autonomous cars on both sides of the Atlantic.


23rd April 2018

Should Government Brake or Accelerate Self-Driving Cars?

A recent debate among government regulators and auto industry executives shows that the road to autonomous cars is no straight line.


20th April 2018

Connecticut Latest to Join Race to Test AVs

Up to four Connecticut municipalities may participate in the state's pilot program if their applications to allow testing of fully autonomous vehicles are approved, the governor said.


19th April 2018

Nvidia Makes Life a (Simulated) Hell for Self-Driving Systems

Graphics chipmaker Nvidia uses its gaming expertise to simulate highways to hell, full of nightmarish scenarios of inclement weather, bad drivers and tricky intersections, then uses this data plus...