20th October 2020

Russia to Permit Robo-Taxis by 2024

In April, 2020, the big four national AV developers Gaz and Kamaz, Sberbank and Yandex, proposed to the government a draft plan of preparation of legal and technical frameworks...

By Roma Nazarov


19th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Driverless Tech Steering its Way Out of Pandemic?

General Motors’ Cruise finally has the green-light to bring fully driverless vehicles to San Francisco. The California Department of Motor Vehicles awarded Cruise a permit last week to operate...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th October 2020

Weekly Brief: Pandemic Highlights Need for Driverless

Fatal car crashes on American roads rose at an alarming rate during the first four months of Covid-19, reported the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) last week. After...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st October 2020

Automakers Winning Push for AV-Only Road Networks

As autonomous vehicle developers strive to design mission critical, the idea of an AV corridor is finally gaining acceptance as the right step forward. Carmakers have for years been...


29th September 2020

Driverless Tech’s Ups and Downs Post Virus

The pandemic has hit almost all economic sectors globally but it has had an especially harsh effect on automotive. It has been called the single biggest risk factor facing...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


21st September 2020

Weekly Brief: Amazon Enters the Driverless Tech Ring

Amazon’s self-driving car start-up, Zoox, received a permit from the State of California last week to test driverless vehicles on public roads without a safety driver behind the wheel....

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th August 2020

AV Regulation Crucial to Consumer Acceptance

The auto industry is fast approaching a regulatory crossroads that could waylay its trip towards producing and selling fully autonomous vehicles. The lack of standardization, especially regarding safety, is...

By Robert Gray


24th August 2020

Weekly Brief: UK Hands-Free Regulation Could Reshape AV Industry

Self-driving cars may, effectively, be legal on UK roads as soon as next year, the UK government announced last week. The UK Department of Transport has opened a consultation...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


19th August 2020

UK Drivers Could be Hands-Free By Next Year

In what many traditionalists will see as a seismic change, UK drivers could be in charge of vehicles without holding the steering wheel by as soon as next spring....


18th August 2020

AVs on a Long Road to Consumer Acceptance

Only time will tell when it comes to building confidence in autonomous vehicles despite a recent pilot’s claim that most consumers are happy riding a driverless vehicle. That’s the...


17th August 2020

Weekly Brief: Michigan’s AV-Only Highway is the Right Direction

The state of Michigan plans to build a self-driving car corridor from Detroit to Ann Arbor. Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer held a press conference last week to lay out...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th August 2020

Allowing Consumer Intervention Could Engender AV Trust

Moves to help automakers increase consumer trust in fully autonomous vehicles have begun with the setting up of best-practice guidelines allowing passenger intervention. Many surveys have highlighted the consensus...