9th June 2022

Old Fashioned Trust Still Biggest Challenge to Connected Autonomous Vehicles

Thales says, globally, there will be 75 million vehicles with autonomous capabilities by 2035. However, to reassure the users of the vehicles, as well as to increase uptake of...

By Graham Jarvis


6th June 2022

Weekly Brief: Robo-Taxi War Gears Up While Tesla Winds Down

Cruise is ready to commercialize. After nine years of research, development and piloting autonomous vehicle technology, the start-up announced last week that it will begin charging the general public...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


25th May 2022

Creating the Driverless Car’s Interior

Privately owned autonomous cars remain science fiction for the foreseeable future but purpose-built self-driving shuttles and taxis are on the road today. New design thinking is reinventing their cabin...

By Susan Kuchinskas


8th April 2022

Limitations of ADAS, V2V and V2X Communications

At the end of 2021, Dan Loop, vice-president and general manager of Automotive Edge Processing at NXP Semiconductors, wrote an article in All About Circuits entitled, Understanding ADAS Limitations...

By Graham Jarvis


25th March 2022

Automakers Shouldering AV Collision Liability not Consumer Free Pass

Carmakers taking responsibility for driverless technology that goes wrong should not be a carte blanche for the consumer’s personal responsibility. That’s the view of automotive safety specialist, Thatcham Research,...


14th March 2022

Weekly Brief: Driverless Tech Green Light so long as You Face Forward

Self-driving cars without manual controls are now street legal in America. After 20 years of evolution in the autonomous vehicle space, the US federal government finally passed a rule...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


9th March 2022

Driverless Tech Education Needed to Convince UK Motorists

Drivers in the UK are still convinced driverless cars will cause more accidents with female drivers the most concerned. That’s the findings of a study by road safety charity,...


7th March 2022

Weekly Brief: Waymo and GM Cruise at Tipping Point in Robo-Taxi Campaign

The State of California gave Waymo the green light to launch a commercial robo-taxi service in San Francisco. A safety driver must always be behind the wheel, according to...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


26th January 2022

Carmakers Held Liable for Driverless Car Failings, say Lawyers

British lawyers are calling for automakers to shoulder unlimited legal responsibility for a driverless vehicle’s actions on the roads. The move would redefine the driver as a ‘user-in-charge’ and...


25th January 2022

Finnish AV Pilot Claims Arctic Conditions Success

A Finnish driverless technology specialist is claiming success of proving the concept can handle extreme winter conditions of ice and snow near the Arctic Circle. The autonomous shuttle bus...


5th January 2022

Zeekr Pitches for first Level 4 Commercial AV

Zeekr’s latest collaboration with Intel’s Mobileye sees it target becoming the first BEV maker to market a Level 4 autonomous vehicle. The sub-brand of China giant Geely with design...


24th December 2021

Japan Steals a March on AV Market if Level 4 becomes Legal

Legalizing Level 4 autonomous driving could place Japan in pole position to lead the world in advancing the rollout of the technology. The nation’s National Police Agency has announced...