5th May 2020

Automakers Agree Driverless Tech Definitions

Despite a recent retreat from driverless technology, automakers have at least agreed some definitions around what constitutes an autonomous vehicle. With the twin pressures of the enduringly high cost...


4th May 2020

Facing Up the Driverless Car Barriers

Over the next decade connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) are expected to generate millions of dollars for the global economy. At least, that’s what’s currently predicted by many people...

By Graham Jarvis


20th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Toyota Behind Repurposing Robo-Taxis as Driverless Delivery Fleet

Self-driving start-up backed by Toyota has transformed its robo-taxi fleet into a driverless grocery delivery service last week. The move came in response to the ongoing lockdown in California...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th April 2020

Weekly Brief: Driverless Cars Could Become Latest Virus Victims

The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida, enlisted the help of four self-driving shuttles last week to move coronavirus test samples from a drive-thru testing site to a nearby processing...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


16th March 2020

Test of Complex Autonomous Vehicle Designs

Autonomous vehicles (AV) combine multiple sensors, computers, and communication technology to make driving safer and improve the driver’s experience. Learn about design and test of complex sensor and communication...

Keysight Technologies


13th March 2020

ADAS is Winner in Drive to Autonomy, Says Honda Chief

Mass adoption of driverless car technology is still a lot further off than the safety zealots expect. That’s the view of Honda UK’s outgoing managing director Dave Hoggetts who...

13th March 2020

Changing Up Through the Gears to Level 4

The global automotive sector still remains in the early stages of Level 2 autonomy. Estimates by Singapore technology market analysts Canalys finds that only 11% of new cars sold...

By Andrew Williams


2nd March 2020

Weekly Brief: Trump’s ‘America First’ Driverless Double Standards?

The US government slammed the brakes on one self-driving shuttle service last week. Its move was in response to problems with the EasyMile service after one of its shuttles...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


18th February 2020

On-Road Belarus AV Tests Bring Closer Links With China

To most people in the western world, Belarus is just a speck on the map somewhere between Dublin and Tokyo. To technology experts, it is a small, albeit booming,...

By Roma Nazarov


17th February 2020

Weekly Brief: Latest Driverless Crash Proves the Need

A Waymo self-diving vehicle was involved in a bizarre accident last month in Tempe, Arizona, police reports confirmed last week. The accident happened when a disgruntled former Waymo safety...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

6th February 2020

Uber to Restart AV Testing in Frisco

Uber is set to restart real-world autonomous testing less than two years after its engineers were deemed culpable in the death of a pedestrian in Arizona. The Californian Department...


3rd February 2020

Simultaneous AV Bus Trials for Five European Cities

Five European cities will host simultaneous autonomous public transport bus fleets in what is, arguably, the natural home for driverless technology. Three consortiums of companies have been awarded the...