23rd April 2019

Tesla’s Musk Pushes Robo-Taxis in 2020

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said his company will begin operating fully self-driving taxi services next year. He made the fanciful claim in a 2.5-hour presentation to investors at...


19th April 2019

Strict AV Evaluation is Needed to Promote Consumer Acceptance

The future of mobility appeared flawless right up until the dream shattered with a fatal Uber accident caused by both human error and machine malfunction. It was an incident...

By Louis Bedigian


18th April 2019

Virtual Driverless Tech Testing Not a Stand-Alone Solution

Digital simulated testing for autonomous vehicles (AV) has been seen as a cheap, risk free, alternative to testing in the real world. Yet, while exponents voice its many advantages,...


15th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Ford’s Dose of Reality to Driverless Dreamers

Ford is walking back its goal to mass produce self-driving cars by 2021. Speaking at a Detroit Economic Club event last week, Ford CEO Jim Hackett admitted that Ford...


12th April 2019

Call to Certify Remote Controllers of Driverless Vehicles

Remote controlled driverless vehicles must have certification for operators to ensure safety standards. Speaking to TU-Automotive, Manuela Papadopol, CEO of vehicle remote control system provider Designated Driver, said the...


11th April 2019

Automakers Working Hard to Build Trust in Autonomous

Concerns about safety are having a major impact on the autonomous vehicle industry, with the focus shifting to how automakers can win the public’s trust in self-driving vehicles. Meanwhile,...


10th April 2019

Regulators Still Not Up To Speed With AVs, Says Navya

Driverless car development has quickly outpaced most current regulations, causing a number of headaches for manufacturers looking to test their autonomous technologies. In the US vehicles are still required...

By Louis Bedigian


8th April 2019

Weekly Brief: Tesla’s Self-Driving Features Just Plain Reckless

Ready or not, Tesla is ramping up efforts to deliver fully self-driving cars. This week the carmaker will roll out its automated parking feature, which allows drivers to press...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


4th April 2019

Ford, GM, Toyota, SAE Form AV Standards Consortium

Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and SAE International are forming a consortium to help develop industry-wide standards for autonomous vehicle technology. The automakers have joined forces with the professional association...


3rd April 2019

VW Trialing Level 4 AVs in Hamburg

Volkswagen is testing Level 4 autonomous vehicles within Hamburg’s designated ‘digital test bed’, it says. Five Level 4 e-Golfs, each equipped with 11 laser scanners, seven radar, and 14 cameras...


2nd April 2019

Start-Up Promises Londoners Autonomous Transport in 2020

A start-up is promising Londoners access to self-driving ride-shares from 2020 onward. FiveAI said its shared autonomous vehicles will become available to residents of the city from then. Five...


25th March 2019

Brooklyn Navy Yard Gets Driverless Shuttle Service

An autonomous vehicle shuttle service is laying claim to be New York’s first commercial AV program albeit one restricted to private roads. Boston’s Optimus Ride said its shuttles would...