8th October 2021

Volkswagen Presents its Vision of Future Mobility at ITS

Volkswagen will present its vision of future mobility led by electrification, data and autonomous driving technology this week. Its strategy will be outlined at the ITS World Congress in...


28th September 2021

Volvo Unveils its Autonomous VNL Truck for the US

Volvo has unveiled its long-haul prototype autonomous truck that it hopes will a key step towards making Class 8 HGVs commercially in North America. The project is a joint...


22nd September 2021

The State of the Connected Autonomous Nation

Connected, autonomous vehicles traveling down their own designated, uncongested lanes and improving mobility on a smart highway. That is the reality which a joint venture aims to create in...

By Robert Gray

10th September 2021

Handling the Inevitable Driverless Tech Accident

Many of the proponents for autonomous vehicles say they are safer than human drivers, reducing accidents, deaths, and injuries. However, an article by Tony Gillespie, visiting professor, electronic and...

By Graham Jarvis


30th August 2021

Weekly Brief: Games Accident Shows Even Giants Stumble in an AV World

A Toyota self-driving shuttle operated by a human driver struck a visually impaired athlete at the Tokyo Paralympic Games last week. The accident happened on just the second day...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve

16th August 2021

Weekly Brief: Burning AV Ambitions Just So Much Smoke?

French start-up EasyMile deployed the largest fleet of driverless electric shuttles in America last week. The vehicles are part of a new Mines Rover shuttle service at the Colorado...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


11th August 2021

Commercial On-Demand AVs Expands in Grand Rapids

May Mobility has expanded its AV commercial service in Grand Rapids, MI, with an on-demand shuttle operation. The service, which started last month, is part of Phase 2 of...


10th August 2021

Six Minute Webinar Episode 15: Autonomous Vehicles – Reality Vs. Hype

Executive Summary A quick overview of the autonomous vehicle sector, what it is, why it’s taking so long, where we are now and what’s coming next WardsAuto senior analyst...


3rd August 2021

Trying to Apply Ethics to Driverless Technology

Nearly a year ago the European Commission published a report on the ethics of data and artificial intelligence in connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Part of the discussion in...

By Graham Jarvis


26th July 2021

Weekly Brief: Heads get Hotter as Robo-Taxi Market Heats Up

Ford and Argo AI will launch self-driving vehicles on Lyft’s ride-hailing network this year. The automaker and the autonomous vehicle start-up announced last week that their joint deployment with...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th December 2020

Weekly Brief: AV’s Green Shoots Thrive under Pandemic Concerns

AutoX became the first autonomous vehicle company to deploy fully driverless cars in China last week. The company is one of many that have been piloting AVs in China...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


27th November 2020

AVs Could Increase Traffic Congestion Without Regulation

Self-driving transport is often touted as a future remedy to the congestion issue. Instead, in absence of strict regulation, it can cause yet another fleet expansion, all leading to...

By Roman Nazarov