CES News: Delphi demo’s dual-view navigation

CES News:  Delphi demo’s dual-view navigation

Delphi demonstrates a concept dual-view integrated navigation radio system with advanced navigation and enhanced satellite radio features.

Dual-view navigation enables a driver to view full-featured map-based navigation while the front seat passenger views video content.

Delphi has designed this unique system so that the driver cannot view the video when the vehicle is operating. Specially placed sensors in the vehicle will disable the unit if the driver attempts to view video.

Using a special LCD that simultaneously displays different information depending on the direction from which screen is being viewed, the system superimposes a "parallax barrier" on an ordinary TFT LCD screen.

All of the graphics on the unit are 3-D.

The navigation system features voice recognition, DVD-R, DVD-VX and advanced satellite radio features, including new channel graphics with a display bar at the bottom of the screen, current location and local weather. A pop-up screen features the three-day weather forecast.

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