CES News: Continental debuts its ‘Intelligent Driving Experience’

CES News:  Continental debuts its ‘Intelligent Driving Experience’

Continental will debut its “Intelligent Driving Experience at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week:

Continental’s ContiGuard® research and development vehicle is aligned with the US government’s Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) Initiative, and will take some of the VII theories discussed during three 2008 CES “knowledge track” panel discussions and put them on the road.

The demonstration will show how next generation wireless technologies and in-vehicle electronics may one day connect cars to each other and the roads in an effort to reduce traffic congestion and enhance vehicle safety for millions of motorists nationwide.

The Continental safety system also provides a vehicle with electronic reflexes to help a driver avoid a crash.

In addition, the $2 million dollar winner of the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, kitted out with Continental’s software and electronics, will demonstrate its ability to drive itself by relying solely on radar and in-vehicle intelligence as its guide. Dubbed “Boss”, the driverless Chevy Tahoe obeys traffic laws, merges into moving traffic, avoids obstacles, and negotiates intersections,.

“We are using our electronics expertise to help our automotive customers develop safety technologies that achieve our vision of zero vehicle crashes and injuries in the future” said Bill Kozyra, president & CEO of Continental North America.

Automotive electronics is the fastest growing sector of vehicle content, with growth forecasts putting the market at $51.1 billion by 2010.

Telematics Update’s 5th annual Consumer Telematics Seminar will be held during CES on January 10th at the JW Marriott Spa & Resort in Las Vegas. TRG will lead the conference with a discussion about the increasing importance of mobile content and device integration into the car.

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