20th March 2019

Volvo Takes Nanny-State-Of-Mind to New Heights

Way back in the 1950s when Volvo gave away its patent for the car’s first three-point seat belt to other manufacturers, many motorists scoffed. These safety doubters would have...


18th March 2019

RoboSense Admits Long Way to Go For Driverless Tech

Sensors used by autonomous vehicles’ LiDAR and artificial intelligence systems still need serious development before driverless journeys can become commonplace. Leilei Shinohara, vice-president of LiDAR maker RoboSense, admitted that...


7th March 2019

BMW, Daimler Developing AV Tech Standards

BMW and Daimler are joining forces to develop technological standards for autonomous vehicles. The automotive giants announced the move at the Geneva Motor Show, Reuters reported. They said the...


18th February 2019

BlackBerry, Government Announce $350M for AV Development

BlackBerry and the Canadian government are to spend a combined $350M on autonomous vehicle development. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and John Chen, the smartphone maker’s CEO, announced the funding...


12th February 2019

ADAS, Level 2/3 AVs Are Hazards, Experts Warn

Driver safety experts have warned Level 2/3 autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems cause driver inattention and disengagement. A white paper on the dangers of driver distraction from...


7th February 2019

Ford Trials AV Lighting Communication System

Ford has tested a lighting system it hopes will allow autonomous vehicles to communicate with other road users. The automaker collaborated with Chemnitz University of Technology (CUT) on testing...


1st February 2019

China Gets First Autonomous Parking Tech

A Chinese company is claiming to have developed the country’s first all-hours, all-conditions self-parking technology for cars. HoloMatic says its HoloParking system allows the driver to exit their vehicle...


31st January 2019

Harman’s Till: Level 5 AVs Could Hit Motorways by Mid-2020s

Harman’s vice-president of technology has claimed we could see Level 5 autonomous vehicles on motorways as soon as the mid-2020s. In an exclusive and wide-ranging interview with TU-Automotive, Andrew Till...


29th January 2019

Electronics Maker Developing Automotive Cyber-Security, AV Tech

A Chinese automotive electronics maker has chosen to base its development of cyber-security and autonomous vehicle technologies in Singapore. Desay SV says it will use its existing Advanced Development...


22nd January 2019

Automotive Industry Driving Robotics in India

India’s automotive industry is the biggest driver of increased use of robotic machines in car production, latest figures reveal. A report published by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR)...


10th January 2019

Hyundai Unveils AV Warning Lighting Systems

Hyundai’s component-making unit is launching lighting systems it says can warn other road users when a vehicle is being driven autonomously. The systems are being unveiled at the Consumer...


8th January 2019

TomTom, Denso Developing AV Systems

TomTom is partnering with software maker Denso for development of autonomous vehicle systems. TomTom says its AV mapping systems will be equipped to draw data from Denso’s in-vehicle camera...