Smart Cities

24th April 2019

Blockchain Pilot Aims For V2X Standard

A US university pilot scheme is hoping to develop a working automotive standard for V2X communications using blockchain. The University of Nevada is teaming up with IoT blockchain company...


21st February 2019

Continental, Vodafone Claim C-V2X ‘Digital Safety Shield’

Continental and Vodafone are claiming 5G and cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technologies can prevent car accidents. At Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, the companies will demonstrate the ‘digital safety shield’, tech...

15th February 2019

Belfast On Road to Smart City Status

Belfast is joining the ranks of the smart city with the installation of connected street furniture that could put it on the path to eventual V2X capability. The Northern...


17th January 2019

Telecoms, Sensor Companies Developing Smart City Traffic Tech

A telecoms hardware giant is partnering with a sensor maker to develop traffic analysis technology for smart cities. Cisco and Iteris are joining forces to develop edge computing tech...


24th December 2018

Weekly Brief: Why Musk’s ‘Bumpy’ Tunnel is Still Important

Ideas are beautiful. Reality is messy. No matter how pristine a vision may be in our brains, translating that vision into the real world, through the rigors of research...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


5th December 2018

Ohio Cities to Trial Connected AVs

Four Ohio cities are to serve as testing grounds for autonomous and connected vehicle technology. Columbus, Athens, Dublin, and Marysville have signed agreements with DriveOhio to test AVs, CVs,...


30th November 2018

Ford’s Big Data Study May Predict Accident Black Spots

Ford claims it has managed to crack a major challenge for smart cities with a system that can predict where accidents will happen. By employing big data technology, Ford...


16th November 2018

SEAT Unveils Prototype 5G Car

SEAT is displaying a prototype 5G connected car at an event in Barcelona, Spain. At the Smart City Expo World Congress, the automaker is showcasing a version of the...


15th November 2018

JLR Trials V2X in UK With Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is in advanced UK trials of V2X technology that promises to help urban drivers avoid stop lights and help free up traffic flow. The technology,...


13th November 2018

Telco Developing UK AV Trial Network

A major European telco is partnering with a wireless infrastructure company to develop a small cell network for autonomous vehicle trials in central England. O2 has signed a deal...


6th November 2018

VW Claims It Has Cracked Smart City Traffic Prediction

Volkswagen IT scientists claim to have built a traffic management system for the smart city able to forecast and calculate urban traffic volumes, transport demand and travel times. The...


23rd October 2018

Siemens Gets Certification for Roadside Units

A connected vehicle sector association has granted its first ever certificate for dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) roadside units to Siemens Mobility’s Sitraffic ESCos. The OmniAir Consortium’s OmniAir Certification program...