27th January 2023

Cyber Attacks on Industry at One-a-Minute, BlackBerry

BlackBerry research suggests industry is being attacked by cyber criminals at a rate of one-a-minute revealing the real threat facing connected businesses. Its Global Threat Intelligence Report, highlights the...


18th March 2022

Vital Cyber-Security Areas Automakers Must Focus On

In January, a teenager in Germany found a vulnerability in third-party software that let him remotely start 25 Teslas in 13 countries, find their locations and determine whether anyone...

By Susan Kuchinskas


1st March 2022

Cyber Attack Shuts Toyota’s Japanese Plants

A cyber attack thought, to be from Russia, has forced Toyota to shut 14 of its domestic production plants as one of its major suppliers fights to recover computer...


3rd December 2021

Identifying Cybersecurity Focus Areas in Connected Cars

Trend Micro will host a Dec. 9 webinar to discuss United Nations Regulation No. 155, which provides 69 attack vectors that manufacturers are required to secure.


10th May 2021

US Pipeline Hack Sounds Automakers’ Alarm

Automakers are witnessing a stark warning about their future computer systems’ security with the criminal cyber attack on the US’s largest oil pipeline. The BBC reports that the US...


25th April 2021

Autonomous Vehicle Safety: Pedestrian Detection in the Spotlight

Intellias has released a report on how technology can enhance pedestrian detection to ensure autonomous vehicle safety within populated urban environments.


10th March 2021

How V2X is Changing Automotive Design

A key technology in automotive evolution, Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) allows automobiles to directly connect with each other, roadside infrastructure, and pedestrians to deliver benefits ranging from road safety, traffic efficiency,...


20th January 2021

Automaker Blockchain Bid to end Used Car ‘Clocking’

Blockchain security technology is being used to prevent pre-owned vehicles having their digitally recorded mileage altered, or ‘clocked’, by unscrupulous sellers. The process of ‘correcting’ a vehicle’s recorded mileage...


12th January 2021

Fleets and EVs Could Pose Greatest Cyber Risk, Says GuardKnox

Connected Fleets and EVs could be at the biggest risk of future mass infrastructure cyber hacks that automakers will have to gear up to prevent. That’s the view of...


22nd October 2020

Lessons Drawn from Mercedes-Benz CAV Software Bug Issues

In 2019, Mercedes-Benz revealed that it had patched security issues found in its vehicles. A report reveals that Sky-Go’s researchers had found 19 vulnerabilities in a Mercedes E-Class car. The...

By Graham Jarvis


21st September 2020

Cyber-Security Hardware at Risk of Being Ignored

Automotive cyber-security hardware remains a relatively small market and a missing piece in the vehicle protection. According to a forecast by security chip provider Infineon, cyber hacks might cost...

By Roma Nazarov


12th August 2020

Hackers Must Keep Tearing Cars Apart

Carmakers need to ask software hackers to ‘tear their cars apart’ to make sure the products are cyber secure. That’s the view of Casey Ellis, CTO and founder of...