Public Support & Transport

30 Nov 2018

Instructor: UK AV Operator Training Legislation Needed

An autonomous vehicle operator training provider says UK government legislation and/or clearer guidance on the qualifications and experience required for the job is needed. In an exclusive and wide-ranging...


29 Nov 2018

UK Government Launches £25M LCV Grant

The UK government has announced it is investing £25M in development of low-carbon vehicle technologies. At an event hosted by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), Business...


19 Nov 2018

Bus Operator Claims Safety Tech Cuts Crashes, Injuries

A London bus operator says its trial of “collision avoidance” technology “has reduced avoidable collisions” and the injuries they cause. Abellio London says Intel subsidiary Mobileye’s tech has reduced...


31 Oct 2018

Illinois Self-Driving Car Push Costs Governor an Endorsement

In Illinois, a push for autonomous vehicles has turned political with a group that advocates for motorcyclists rescinding its endorsement for the state's governor.


23 Oct 2018

NHTSA Cracks Down on Self-Driving School Bus

The NHTSA is cracking down on Transdev and its self-driving school bus program, citing the safety of children.


08 Oct 2018

Flying Taxis Get UK Government Help

The UK government has granted money to its aviation regulator, supporting a project that aims to remove “regulatory barriers” to flying taxis. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial...


27 Sep 2018

Uber Commits $10M to Reduce City Traffic

As ride-hailing services multiply and increase traffic in cities, Uber is pushing for a congestion tax that would target its own business interests.


06 Sep 2018

Auto Infrastructure Depends on Partnerships, Says City Hall

Detroit looking at smart infrastructure and who will pay for it, Garry Bulluck tells Louis Bedigian. Smart infrastructure could be one of the most challenging and costly aspects of...


03 Aug 2018

rideOS Announces Funding, Mainly From Next47

Start-up rideOS has announced that it has been awarded $25M in funding, with the majority coming from the Siemens-backed Next47. At just a year old, rideOS provides transportation and mapping technology,...


09 Jul 2018

Baidu Churns Out Driverless Buses in China, Looks to Japan

China's Baidu is looking to expand its self-driving Apolong bus line both domestically, as well as overseas, with Japan as the next market for the company's autonomous technology.


09 Jul 2018

Daimler Will Test Advanced Autonomous Vehicles in Beijing

Daimler is moving its advanced autonomous vehicles onto the streets of Beijing after completing extensive closed-track testing.


27 Jun 2018

Self-Driving Shuttle Service Debuts in Downtown Detroit

A joint venture between real estate firm Bedrock and startup May Mobility will bring autonomous shuttle services to a select area of downtown Detroit.