1st September 2022

Volvo Readies Car-Share Service for Europe Roll-Out

Following trials in Sweden, Volvo is formalizing its car-sharing service into a standalone provider company before a further roll-out in Europe. So far, its Swedish offering has seen 250,000...


18th August 2022

Car-Sharing’s History of Failed Ambitions

The purchase of the carsharing service Share Now by the carmaker Stellantis, announced in May, put an end to a 14-year mobility saga that had as many twists and...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

5th August 2022

Automakers Buy into Car Subscription Service Model

Of the various types of mobility services that are currently being offered as alternatives to or as new models of car ownership – e.g., ride-sharing, car-sharing – car subscription...

By Siefried Mortkowitz

29th July 2022

Industry Voices: Carpooling – How Does It Affect the Environment?

Opinion piece by Stacy Jacobs, content writer at Blink Mobility The environment has become a major concern for most of us. If you’re worried about the future of our planet,...


11th July 2022

Leaks Show Uber Spent $90M a Year on Political Lobbying

European government officials past and present have been rocked by internal documents leaked from the Uber ride-hailing company revealing a orchestrated lobbying campaign. The BBC reports that the files...


6th July 2022

Yandex Algorithm Pricing Hopes to Defuse Criticism

Since February this year, users of Yandex’s ride-hailing app are shown a demand index. A color indicator on the app’s main screen helps to determine the trip price before...

By Roma Nazarov


14th June 2022

Stellantis to Create Mobility Forum While Leaving ACEA

Stellantis is hoping to accelerate the debate over future mobility solutions by setting up a special forum of experts to discuss challenges and opportunities. It has announced the creation...


8th June 2022

Uber Gives UN Food Delivery Platform for Ukraine Relief

Uber has upped its market charm offensive by supplying agents for the United Nations a bespoke version of its home delivery platform for mercy missions in war-torn Ukraine. The...


31st May 2022

Parking and Toll Road Payments in Single Package for US Consumers

Parking and toll road payment services are being combined for a new service being rolled out to US motorists. Connected vehicles services provider, Parkopedia, and a mobile tolling payment...


27th May 2022

Flexible Car-Share Models Look Most Likely to Succeed

Mercedes-Benz Mobility and BMW’s announcement that they plan to sell their car-sharing joint venture Share Now to automaker Stellantis, the parent company of car-sharing business Free2move, offers Stellantis the...


20th May 2022

Car-Sharing Benefits from Car Sales Slump

In April 2022, new car sales in Russia slumped by 80% from February’s level, even a greater fall than the Covid-related sales crash in 2020. However, the picture is...

By Roma Nazarov


9th May 2022

Weekly Brief: Stellantis Soars as Others Ditch Mobility Opportunities

When Fiat Chrysler Automobiles merged with French automaker PSA in January 2021, pundits wondered if the result would be another dysfunctional three-headed conglomerate like Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi. Instead, the newly named...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve