15th April 2021

Concerns Remain over Sidewalks used as Bike Lanes

Micro e-vehicles have filled a gap in the existing private transport supply providing vehicles faster and less physically challenging than bicycles while slower and more compact and affordable than...

By Roma Nazarov


12th April 2021

Renault Joins Mobility Software Ecosystem Group

Renault has joined with a group of software and digital provider specialists in creating a software ecosystem hoping to power its future mobility offerings. The automaker has teamed up...


9th April 2021

Ford Backs ‘Thunderbirds’ e-Scooter Recovery Trial

Ford’s e-scooter mobility wing has commissioned a mobile rescue, repair and recharge vehicle inspired by the Thunderbird 2 craft from the famous 1960s animated puppet TV show. The vehicle,...


2nd April 2021

The CASE for Intuitive Mobility

Daimler predicts that connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) ‘intuitive mobility’ will succeed in turning the automotive industry upside down. It thinks a true revolution is afoot, combining each...

By Graham Jarvis


4th March 2021

Pandemic Proves a Good Gig for Carsharing

The carsharing business may exit the COVID-19 pandemic in a stronger market position than it was in before the virus shut down the global economy last year. Rental car...

By Robert Gray


11th January 2021

Weekly Brief: Time for Grown-Up US Transport Policies to Steer a New Course

A mob of right-wing activists, emboldened by President Trump’s “Save America” rally in Washington, D.C., stormed the US Capital last week, overwhelming police and ransacking the building once they...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


5th January 2021

Vehicle Subscription Services Taking hold in India

Car subscription has never been a popular choice for private car buyers in India where many take pride in owning a car as an asset. However, while car subscription...

By Simmi Sinha


4th January 2021

Weekly Brief: This Year Could Underscore Necessity as Mother of Invention

Tesla delivered 500,000 vehicles in 2020, the electric carmaker announced last week. This caps off a record year that thrust the company into profitability for the first time and,...

Commentary by Andrew Tolve


18th December 2020

Importance of Simplicity in SaaS for Mobility Analytics

The use of software as a service (SaaS) for mobility analytics applications has the potential to offer several end-user benefits. Advantages such as a more streamlined, intuitive and all-encompassing...


18th December 2020

AI to Boost Ford’s e-Scooter Safety and Security

Ford’s micro-mobility unit, Spin, will incorporate AI technology into its e-scooter share scheme in a bid to boost rider safety and vehicle security. It has partnered with Drover AI...


10th December 2020

Shared Mobility to Bounce Back with Virus-Safe Solutions

A study is claiming that despite the global downturn in shared mobility owing to the pandemic, the market will bounce back to worth $1.55Trn by the decade’s end. The...


8th December 2020

Toyota Rolls Out Mobility Service Across Europe

Following its success in several European markets, Toyota will roll out its Kinto mobility service across the rest of the continent this spring. Its Kinto Europe service, a joint...