14th September 2021

Kia Releases Vehicle Build Data to US Insurers

Kia has agreed to begin sharing vehicle build data with an insurance data aggregator enabling its US consumers to enjoy discounted auto insurance. The agreement between LexisNexis Risk Solutions...


4th August 2021

More Opportunities than Challenges for Insurers in an AV World

Insurers should have no concerns about opportunities in the autonomous vehicle world because there will be plenty of new revenue streams to look forward to. That’s the view of...

22nd July 2021

Ford Partners with Octo for Embedded UBI

Ford has opted to partner with an established UBI provider to secure insurance needs for its customers. It has announced an agreement with Octo Telematics to embed its predictive...


13th July 2021

Trust in Auto Brands Can Accelerate Connected Car Services

Carmakers are in the driving seat when it comes to persuading consumers to share their data when accessing connected car benefits. That’s the view of Verex CEO, Mark Aryaeenia, who...

18th June 2021

Risks for Insurers in Rush Towards Driverless Tech

Definitions are often important – no more so when it involves safety. This is why there was a call for evidence in August 2020, and a confirmation by the...

By Graham Jarvis


16th June 2021

Driverless Tech Liability is All in the Wording

Designating autonomous vehicles as ‘drivers’ raises a variety of potential legal complications meaning self-driving cars will change how insurance companies price and sell policies. Meanwhile, governments, courts, insurers and...


12th May 2021

EVs are First Step in Auto Insurance Transformation

Despite a slump in car sales during the pandemic, ING Group expects care sales to rebound by 8% in 2021. However, EV insurance premiums are typically higher than those...

By Graham Jarvis


30th March 2021

Branded UBI Works for Consumers, Hyundai Claims

Hyundai branded usage based insurance (UBI) is said to be attracting US customers with the promise of big savings on annual premiums. The automaker cites the uptake of its...


19th March 2021

AVs Must Protect Their Passengers Last

Traditionally insurance policies focus on the vehicle and its users. Even with fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) they will concentrate on the vehicles. However, liability may rest more with the...

By Graham Jarvis


25th February 2021

Carshare App Developers under Pressure from Russian Prosecutors

Usage-based insurance (UBI) helped Russian carsharing providers to escape embarrassing issues early in the game. However, insuring the fleets remains a risky business. It is a matter of record...

By Roma Nazarov


8th January 2021

Building Insurance Business Using Data to Set Prices

TU-Automotive reported in November that General Motors is launching itself into the insurance market. The aim is to use driving and vehicle data to set insurance prices employing its...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd December 2020

MaaS Pits Insurers Against Automakers over Data

The shift away from personal vehicle ownership has been slowed owing to the pandemic as consumers seek a safe space. So, while car-and ridesharing had seen tremendous adoption over...