30th March 2021

Branded UBI Works for Consumers, Hyundai Claims

Hyundai branded usage based insurance (UBI) is said to be attracting US customers with the promise of big savings on annual premiums. The automaker cites the uptake of its...


19th March 2021

AVs Must Protect Their Passengers Last

Traditionally insurance policies focus on the vehicle and its users. Even with fully autonomous vehicles (AVs) they will concentrate on the vehicles. However, liability may rest more with the...

By Graham Jarvis


25th February 2021

Carshare App Developers under Pressure from Russian Prosecutors

Usage-based insurance (UBI) helped Russian carsharing providers to escape embarrassing issues early in the game. However, insuring the fleets remains a risky business. It is a matter of record...

By Roma Nazarov


8th January 2021

Building Insurance Business Using Data to Set Prices

TU-Automotive reported in November that General Motors is launching itself into the insurance market. The aim is to use driving and vehicle data to set insurance prices employing its...

By Graham Jarvis


22nd December 2020

MaaS Pits Insurers Against Automakers over Data

The shift away from personal vehicle ownership has been slowed owing to the pandemic as consumers seek a safe space. So, while car-and ridesharing had seen tremendous adoption over...


26th November 2020

Korean Auto Insurers Grasp the Autonomous Nettle

South Korean insurance companies are to start to sell autonomous vehicle insurance. Korea Bizwire said in September 2020 that South Korea’s regulator: “The Financial Supervisory Service announced that the...

By Graham Jarvis


19th November 2020

GM Enters US Auto Insurance Ring with OnStar

General Motors is expanding its OnStar connectivity service to include auto insurance for its customers. GM’s new insurance agency, OnStar Insurance Services, will be the exclusive agent for OnStar...


27th October 2020

Global Travel: Protecting You, Your Family, and Employees

Sponsored Content’s latest audio interview features Allen C. Koski.  Mr. Koski is President of Insured Nomads, the first insurtech in global benefits.  Previously Allen was a senior...


4th August 2020

Insurers’ Role in Promoting Connected Car Data Sharing

Making driving data available through a data exchange offers substantial business benefits for insurance carriers. Benefits, not the least of which, is the ability to use, with proper consent,...


1st July 2020

PSA Muscles into UBI Market

French automaker PSA Group is planning to muscle its way into the lucrative auto insurance market employing its own UBI solution. The move, often predicted by insurance experts talking...


30th June 2020

Insurers See Virus’s Unexpected Boost for UBI

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives and livelihoods globally but one of the most startling and apparent changes has been the rapid decline in vehicular traffic. Insurance industry experts...

By Robert Gray


19th June 2020

Insurers to Define Real-World Risk in ADAS

Motor insurers in the UK have been offered a system of assessing the real-world accidental damage coverage risk of current ADAS. At the moment, most carmaker have created their...