13 Aug 2018

New Hack Controls Car with SMS

A security expert has warned that the components of connected cars can be reverse engineered, allowing cars to be controlled by hackers with SMS messages. At the DefCon 26 Car...


06 Aug 2018

VW Teams with Waze to Rediscover Driving Fun

Just as many are predicting the terminal decline of driving-for-fun, arch disrupter Waze is partnering with Volkswagen’s range of hot-hatch GTIs to bring exciting drive routes to UK consumers,...


02 Aug 2018

Faster Forward Episode 2: ‘Hey Mercedes’

Can Mercedes attract younger customers with a better user interface?


01 Aug 2018

Mercedes A-class infotainment powered by Luxoft

Global IT service provider Luxoft Holding has partnered with automaker giant Daimler AG to develop an advanced software platform for the infotainment system installed in the latest Mercedes A-class...


23 Jul 2018

Uber & Cargo Partner for In-Car Shopping

Uber and Cargo are looking to combine two great American pastimes: shopping and driving.


16 Jul 2018

Luxoft picked for Daimler’s software future

Daimler has chosen IT service provider Luxoft to help develop its future automotive software requirements, reports Paul Myles. The move continues the OEM march towards specialist partnerships to drive...


05 Jul 2018

Half of Drivers Connect to the Web in the Car – Survey

Connectivity in cars is more important than ever, with consumers looking for advanced apps and seamless experiences from carmakers, according to a new study.


22 Jun 2018

New Standard Could Help Turn Smartphones Into Car Keys

The release of the Digital Key Release 1.0 specification is the first step to getting auto and phone companies on the same page about this capability.


11 Jun 2018

Opel’s Latest Infotainment System Arrives on Insignia Sedan

Personalization and intuitive ease-of-use are key features of Opel's next-generation infotainment system, which debuts on the Insignia nameplate.


06 Jun 2018

Volvo Roadside Assistance Uses Real-Time Info

Volvo's roadside assistance upgrade, called Next Generation Roadside Assistance, provides real-time location information to travelers in need.


24 May 2018

Apple, VW Buckle Up for Autonomous Vehicle Partnership

Apple's autonomous vehicle plans are taking a small step into the real world by teaming up with Volkswagen on self-driving campus shuttles.


18 May 2018

Maps must reflect real-time in a driverless world, says TomTom

Coming autonomous technology challenge current navigation systems, TomTom’s Antoine Saucier tells Paul Myles. In common with many drivers, I have pitted my smartphone’s satellite navigation against the dashboard fitted...