6th June 2023

Peugeot To Install 21-inch Infotainment Display

Peugeot has unveiled its new panoramic screen infotainment system display to make its first appearance in the upcoming mid-sector 3008. The display, part of the range-topping Allure model’s latest...


20th April 2023

Volvo Adds Waze, a Relief to Your Smartphone

Volvo is bowing to consumer demand by installing the popular crowd-sourced navigation app Waze into all of its global products. Probably the biggest bonus for the many regular users...


14th April 2023

Multi-Transport Options Vital for In-Vehicle Mapping

Despite the recent well-publicized stumbles in the development of autonomous driving, the industry is clearly not losing faith in the technology, which has become the main driver of future...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz


11th April 2023

Digital Bulldog is Mini’s Personal Assistant

In keeping with Mini’s ‘cuddly’ persona, the brand has launched a digital dog as its new in-cabin personal assistant. Spike, heralded as the canine friend of the brand, is...


2nd March 2023

Audi Brings its Own App Store Into Selected Models

Audi is spearheading onboard connectivity this summer by bringing a store for apps to selected models with the third-generation modular infotainment toolkit (MIB 3). With the embedding of the...


27th February 2023

Weekly Brief: Tik Tok goes a Time Bomb for Driver Distraction

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet, famous for turning no-names into viral sensations in 15 seconds flat. Now the app is...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


24th February 2023

How to Keep the Customer Content with Infotainment

In November 2022 delegates at Autotech: Digital Economy – a webinar series by the Informa Tech Automotive Group – heard why infotainment is considered an invaluable opportunity for content...

By Graham Jarvis


23rd February 2023

Mercedes Claims First for its Own In-Car OS

Mercedes-Benz says it plans to be the first global automaker to create its own computer operating system by the middle of the decade. The premium carmaker has released initial...


10th February 2023

Tesla Avoids Dismal Reliability Ranking by Withholding Data, J. D. Power

Fancy automated driving and infotainment technologies in premium cars are punishing the reliability scores in J.D. Power’s latest consumer survey. Reuters reports that Tesla would have finished fifth from...


7th February 2023

Next-Gen Maps aim to Re-Balance Detail and Simplicity

Every sat-nav user is familiar with the chagrin of missing their turn because the map’s lines and circles don’t resemble the real world. Yandex is blaming maps, not users,...

By Roma Nazarov


15th December 2022

Polestar to Showcase AI Driver Monitoring at CES

Polestar will showcase its advanced AI powered driver monitoring system now standard in its Polestar 3 model, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The automaker is...


9th December 2022

BlackBerry QNX Chosen for Human Horizons’ BEV Flagship

BlackBerry’s QNX digital technology has been chosen by Chinese BEV manufacturer, Human Horizons, for its futuristic second flagship model the HiPhi Z. The QNX platform will power the car’s...