7th September 2020

Where AI & IoT Meet for Fleet: Innovations for Risk Mitigation

It’s late afternoon on a bright sunny day. A truck has begun listing across lanes of a highway. The truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel! AI technology...


31st May 2019

Audi Targets Fleet Management With AI Partnership

Audi appears to be ramping up involvement in commercial fleets in partnership with an AI start-up. The German automaker has signed an agreement with Tel Aviv-based start-up Fleetonomy to...


19th October 2018

First Commercial ‘Victim’ of UK EV Grant Cuts

The UK government’s shock decision not to renew grants for plug-in hybrid vehicles and to reduce the grant to BEVs has claimed its first commercial victim. Medium-term vehicle hire...


13th September 2018

Hyundai to Unveil Fuel Cell Truck in Germany

Hyundai has published the first official images of it new hydrogen fuel cell heavy duty truck to be unveiled in Germany next week. Due to go to market next...


31st July 2018

Toyota shows fuel-cell has legs with trucking

Toyota has waved its biggest flag yet for the hydrogen fuel-cell alternative to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) with the unveiling of a heavy duty truck boasting a range of...

30th July 2018

Connected services for fleets in ‘Auto Pilot’ mode

Susan Kuchinskas looks at opportunities to serve the autonomous fleet of the future. How will fleet telematics services change with autonomy? Some services will obviously disappear: good-bye, driver coaching...


1st June 2018

Fleets could spearhead driverless revolution

Future potential of cargo-only autonomous vehicles explored by Eric Volkman. In the future, certain autonomous vehicle manufacturers might cut the passenger out of the equation, at least to some...


15th April 2016

Fleets’ future is hooking up to IoT

Whether your rental or leasing agency calls your connected fleet “smart” or “intuitive” one thing is guaranteed: Europe’s rental and leased space is quickly riding into the sunset of...


1st October 2015

Smartphones may not hold all the cards for connected fleets

Perhaps in a perfect world, drivers would connect themselves with the onboard telematics rigs the carmakers created and installed for them and never want to mess with any interfering...


7th September 2015

Weekly Brief: Insurance telematics goes mobile with new Snapshot App

In this week’s Brief: Progressive, Censio, Allstate, Japan, The ITS Connect Promotion Consortium, Toyota, Element Financial, General Electric, International Truck, IHS Automotive, TomTom, Delphi and The New York Auto...


3rd July 2015

Weekly Brief: Uber acquires part of Microsoft Bing for better transportation networking

In this week’s Brief: Uber, Mini, Opel, Ford, Microsoft Bing, Nokia HERE, Amazon, London, Hyundai, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Porsche, Garmin, Daimler Trucks North America, Zonar, Mitsubishi, Android Auto and...


12th June 2015

Weekly Brief: China's Baidu and BMW set to release self-driving car in 2015

In this week’s Brief: Google, Baidu, BMW, KAMAZ, Daimler, Apple CarPlay, Cadillac, Worldwide Developers Conference, Google Street View, Apple Maps, PSA, MirrorLink, Car Easy Apps, BlackBerry and Jaguar Land...