22nd July 2022

Alpine Showcases First Prototype BEV

Premium sports brand Alpine has unveiled a prototype of its first BEV in the shape of the Alpine A110 E-ternité. The aim was to try to come as close...


20th July 2022

Japanese Automakers’ Association to Explore Clean ICE Potential

Toyota has joined with other Japanese automakers to establish an organization tasked with finding new fuels to allow ICE powertrains to take part in lowering greenhouse gases. It has...


20th July 2022

Battery Swap Pitching for Heavy Duty Trucks

Battery swap technology can restore stakeholders’ enthusiasm in battery-electric haulage, according to Lex Forsyth, co-founder and general manager of Australian start-up Janus Electric. For the last two or three...

By Roma Nazarov

19th July 2022

Editor Blog: Don’t Put BEV Dollars Before Climate Control

I’ve just received a press release claiming that the UK would save nearly 55,000 metric tons of CO2 annually by switching all its current fleet of ICE powered vehicles...

18th July 2022

Stellantis to Close Chinese Jeep Production Facilities

Stellantis is closing down its production facilities of its Jeep brand in China to focus on importing the models instead. It cited the “lack of progress in the previously...


14th July 2022

Hyundai Debuts Mid Sector BEV Competitor

Hyundai’s assault on the mid-sector BEV market sees the official debut of the Ioniq 6 Streamliner executive cruiser claiming a 380-mile maximum range between charges. It features ultra-fast, 400-V/800-V...


12th July 2022

Triumph’s First Electric Motorcycle Passes Testing

Triumph Motorcycles’ first all-electric two-wheeler has completed initial testing of a prototype the bike make is lauding as a success. Its TE-1 electric development prototype is said to have...


11th July 2022

Weekly Brief: Volkswagen’s Battery Strategy to EV Supremacy

To vie for electric vehicle supremacy, carmakers need battery power. The more high-quality batteries they can make for the least amount of money at the greatest rate of efficiency,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


8th July 2022

Mahle Opens Vehicle Test Facilities in UK

Mahle Powertrain has completed construction of two vehicle test chamber facilities able to replicate a wide range of weather testing conditions for most modern vehicles. The new Vehicle Development...


8th July 2022

Volkswagen Second Gen Amarok with ICE Powertrains

Volkswagen second generation Amarok pick-up truck has been unveiled boasting a 1.6-metric ton payload and the choice of five turbo-charged ICE powertrains. Described as “the on- and off-road all-rounder”...

7th July 2022

Tesla Woes Mount with German Software Recall

German regulators have demanded a recall of more than 59,000 Tesla vehicles following the discovery of a system software glitch. Our sister website, IoT World Today, reports that the...


6th July 2022

Mazda Stays Loyal to Ultra-Clean Diesel

Mazda stays true to its engineering expertise to create an ultra-clean diesel motor with power and super-low emissions for its new CX-60 SUV. It’s no micro motor either but...