30th May 2023

Price War Clouds Gather Over BEV Transition

As the leader goes, the runners-up follow. That’s what is happening now in the BEV segment, with said leader, Tesla of course, taking a series of whacks to its...

By Eric Volkman


26th May 2023

Aston Martin Releases its First ‘Super Tourer’

Aston Martin has created a whole new car category to describe its latest performance product, the DB12 ‘Super Tourer’. The automaker says the traditional Grand Tourer title does not...


25th May 2023

BMW Pushes BEV as Range-Topping New 5 Series

BMW launches the eighth generation of its executive high-speed cruiser, the BMW 5 Series, pushing BEV as the range-topping halo powertrain. It’s as if the automaker is predicting a...


25th May 2023

Jaguar Land Rover Owner Set to Build UK’s First Gigafactory

Tata, owner of Jaguar Land Rover, looks likely to accept a near $1Bn UK government handout to build the nation’s first automotive gigafactory. The BBC reports that the Indian...


23rd May 2023

Ford Boosts BEV Plans with Canadian Lithium Deal

In its bid to secure automotive battery raw materials, Ford has signed an 11-year supply agreement with a lithium mining company in Canada. Ford is the first automaker customer...


22nd May 2023

High Power 3-D Printed BEV Motor Unveiled

Equipmake, the UK BEV drivetrain specialist, is showcasing a compact, lightweight, high-power electric drive system for manufacturers of high-performance BEVs at Battery Show Europe. Its Ampere-220 e-axle system combines...


22nd May 2023

BMW’s Answer to Economic Downturn, an ICE Shooting Brake

Launching an ultra-luxurious ‘Shooting Brake’ concept in the teeth of a cost-of-living crisis and on the cusp of economic slowdown might seem odd except BMW knows the wealthy will...


19th May 2023

Toyota says Not Enough Resources for BEV as Dominant Powertrain

The world cannot rely on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) as the main powertrain option for transportation because there simply are not enough resources available. That’s the view of Toyota...

18th May 2023

Toyota JV Micro BEV Deliver Van Debuts at G7

Toyota has teamed up with two other automakers to debut a micro-sized BEV delivery LCV for its domestic market coinciding the G7 summit in Hiroshima. The vehicle uses a...


17th May 2023

Stellantis Calls for new Brexit Deal to Save UK Car Production

Stellantis has warned the UK government that it will cease all car manufacturing operations at its Vauxhall plant unless a new Brexit deal is cut with the European Union....

16th May 2023

Stellantis Invests in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Venture

Stellantis is hoping to accelerate its hydrogen powertrain offerings with its investment into hydrogen fuel cell mobility specialist Symbio. The automaker group will take a 33.3% share in the...


15th May 2023

Ferrari Promises No End to its ICE Powered Cars

Italian automotive icon, Ferrari, has promised to keep building cars powered by internal combustion engines for a long as customers want them. The heartening news for most fans of...