11 Dec 2018

Autoware Foundation Focusing on Open Source AV Development

The Autoware Foundation will base its open source self-driving vehicle software on ROS 2. LG and Huawei are among its members behind this effort.


27 Nov 2018

Mobileye Taps AWS for the Lifeblood of AVs: Cloud Computing

At the AWS reinvent show in Las Vegas, Mobileye is tapping into the company's cloud computing resources to create new autonomous vehicle technology.


19 Nov 2018

The Disrupters: EVgo Jolting the Charging Network Business

Industry insiders, analysts and consumers agree that the growing proliferation of electric vehicle charging stations will encourage more consumers to buy EVs. The lack of infrastructure remains an oft-cited...

By Robert Gray


02 Nov 2018

AWS Helps Avis Move Car Rental From Counter to Cloud

Avis is tapping into Amazon's cloud services to help transform its car rental service.


24 Oct 2018

Nvidia: More Computing Power Makes for Safer AVs

In a filing with the US DOT, Nvidia details how more computing power, whether it's in the data center or on the road, is key to autonomous vehicle safety.


18 Oct 2018

Sources: Uber to Spin Off AV Unit

Sources say Uber is considering spinning off its AV unit, the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), into a separate company. The Financial Times has cited two sources as saying the...


18 Oct 2018

AV Start-Up Momenta, Now a Unicorn, Tops $1Bn in Funding

Momenta proclaims its unicorn status with a new investment round that brings the autonomous vehicle startup's total valuation to north of $1 billion.


05 Oct 2018

BlackBerry & Virginia Tech Want Students Developing Autonomous Apps on QNX

Virginia Tech is teaming up with BlackBerry to help put the company's QNX software into the hands of students with an eye toward developing new applications for connected and...


26 Sep 2018

‘Nursing’ Toyota Robot to be Unveiled

Carmaker Toyota will unveil a robot that can ‘nurse’ a human patient aimed at the infirm and elderly. It will demonstrate the Human Support Robot (HSR) at IROS, the...

Paul Myles


14 Sep 2018

Nvidia Releases Drive AGX Autonomous Vehicle Dev Kit

Nvidia has opened up its Drive AGX development kit and announced a partnership with Izusu to advance autonomous truck technology.


11 Sep 2018

UK Government Announcing Green Auto Tech Investment

UK Prime Minister Theresa May is announcing a program of investment in green automotive technology at the country’s inaugural Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) summit. She is using the event...


22 Aug 2018

WaveSense GPR Technology Scans the Road Beneath the Vehicle

A start-up founded by MIT graduates focuses on the ground beneath the vehicle with a radar system that helps avoid obstacles and stay on the path. WaveSense announced the...