Artificial Intelligence

7th January 2019

Toshiba Incorporating DNN Tech Into Visconti 5 Image Chip

The electronics giant plans to position the Visconti 5 platform, equipped with DNN hardware, as a key component for upcoming ADAS systems.


4th January 2019

Aptiv & AI Specialist Affectiva Want to Know How Drivers Feel

Aptiv and Affectiva are using machine learning and artificial intelligence to find out what drivers and passengers are thinking and feeling.


13th December 2018

Simulator Claims Big Advance in Carmakers’ ADAS Understanding

A simulation company has unveiled its latest laboratory environment it claims will help carmakers assess human interactions with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and artificial intelligence (AI). The latest...


20th November 2018

Helping Driverless Cars ‘Feel’ the Road

The artificial intelligence that controls highly automated vehicles is starting to go where the rubber hits the road. Autonomous cars, and automated features like adaptive cruise control, work almost...


8th November 2018

Hyundai’s Investment Shows Importance of AI in the Auto Industry

The announcement from Hyundai and is the latest in a string of investments the auto giant has made in artificial intelligence and deep learning technology specialists.


2nd November 2018

Jaguar Land Rover Developing in-Vehicle Anti-Sickness Tech

Jaguar Land Rover claims to be developing technology that can reduce car sickness. The automaker says it has created an algorithm that assigns every passenger a “wellness score” using...


24th October 2018

Continental, TU Darmstadt Partner on ADAS City Assistant Platform

Continental and TU Darmstat are using machine learning, combined with cameras and GPS, to help drivers make better driving decisions in urban traffic environments.


16th October 2018

Audi Makes Robots Quality Controllers

Audi is claiming to have developed AI capable of performing quality control on its cars. It says the robots it has developed are able to “recognize and mark the...


9th October 2018

Hyundai Hopes Its Driverless Cars Will ‘Understand’ People

Hyundai is buying into AI technology that ‘understands’ people’s intentions in a bid to accelerate its ambitions in autonomous driving. The carmaker’s corporate and open innovation business, Hyundai Cradle,...


2nd October 2018

AI Start-Up Achieves Fast LiDAR Performance

An artificial intelligence start-up is claiming to have developed LiDAR that can recognize other vehicles and pedestrians more rapidly than humans can. Following its warnings about the dangers to...


24th September 2018

Qualcomm Joining with Tech Companies on Positioning System

Qualcomm Technologies has announced it is joining forces with two technology companies to launch a global navigation satellite system (GNSS) for Chinese vehicles. The company’s partners for the venture...


10th September 2018

BrainChip Akida NSoC Uses Spiking Neural Network Architecture

Biologically inspired spiking neural networks (SNNs) model the behavior of synapses and connectivity found in nature, with applications for self-driving vehicle tech.