4th May 2023

Sensible 4 Targets Swiss City Center in Latest AV Pilot

Finnish autonomous driving specialist Sensible 4 has begun its latest driverless pilot trial in the more complex environment of a Swiss city center. The company has teamed up with...


20th April 2023

Automakers Fooling Themselves and Us over Driverless Tech, Expert Says

With electric vehicles approaching a tipping point and monopolizing the news, self-driving cars have been forced into the backseat of public awareness, except when there is bad news. There...

By Siegfried Mortkowitz

13th April 2023

Consumers Warned as Ford is First to Offer Hands-Free Driving in Europe

Ford is claiming to be the first automaker to offer hands-free automated driving on European roads with the introduction of its BlueCruise system but there’s a warning from safety...


4th April 2023

Automakers Rethink Autonomy Goals as AV Hype Fizzles Out

For a number of users autonomous vehicles have been touted as the future of automotive. Yet Wards Intelligence Outlook Conference illustrated that optimism has been dampened. While automakers pumped...

By Graham Jarvis


20th March 2023

Autonomous Consequences Could Include More Traffic

Most discussions about driverless, autonomous cars, have led to claims that they will help reduce congestion. Not so, says the RAC Foundation. It cites a UK government report which...

By Graham Jarvis

3rd March 2023

Ford Takes Another Punt on Driverless Tech

Ford looks set on having a second stab at developing driverless technology just months after losing billions of dollars on the failed Argo AI enterprise. The automaker this week...


17th February 2023

Why Smart Cities need More Than Just Autonomous Vehicles

Cities aren’t just about one thing. There are many aspects of life in the city, and transport is but one of them. That’s why it’s suggested that smart cities...

By Graham Jarvis

1st February 2023

UK Push for First Autonomous Hydrogen Powered Truck

Hydrogen power for commercial vehicles received a boost in the UK with a government grant hoping to see the launch of the world’s first fuel cell autonomous heavy goods...


2nd January 2023

Volvo Doubles Down on Autonomous Tech

Volvo is doubling down on driverless technology by announcing it has taken 100% ownership of its autonomous driving software development subsidiary Zenseact. The move, reported by Reuters, is almost...


22nd December 2022

Stellantis Completes Acquisition of aiMotive

While big players like Volkswagen and Ford have shied away from continued autonomous driving investment, auto group Stellantis is doubling down on the technology. It has announced that it...


12th December 2022

Weekly Brief: Uber’s Very Tiny Toe Back in Robo-Taxi Market

Uber once had grand designs to pioneer the robo-taxi industry. Instead, it limped into the market last week with a modest, daytime-only service in Las Vegas. Uber’s first robo-taxi...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


7th December 2022

Letting Go of Steering

China’s search engine giant Baidu has unveiled an autonomous vehicle with a detachable steering wheel, with a view of using the new car as a robo-taxi service in China...

By Graham Jarvis