20th February 2019

Russian AV Developers Critical of Kremlin’s Street Tests Project

Developers of self-driving vehicles used to complain of the lack of legislation and absence of extensive testing programs on public roads as two major factors compromising progress. Finally, the...

By Roma Nazarov


18th February 2019

Radar Must Become Hi-Def in a Driverless World, Says Arbe

Driverless car accidents will continue to happen until sensor technology can become truly high definition. That’s the opinion of Bert Fransis senior product director at Arbe Robotics who pointed...


15th February 2019

Auto Industry To Police Driverless Safety, Says UK Minister

Safety standards for testing driverless vehicles will be left to the automotive industry to police, according to a UK government minister. This was confirmed by Transport Minister Jesse Norman...


14th February 2019

Driverless Cars Not Safe Enough For Public Roads, Tests Results Suggest

Autonomous technology is not safe for public highways according to a study by a consumer interests body. This comes following reports demanded by the California Department of Motor Vehicles...


13th February 2019

AVs Could Change the Face of Tourism, Study Suggests

Few of us need to be told that the proliferation of ADAS-packed and, perhaps, ultimately 100% autonomous vehicles will affect a great many industries. Some of these are obvious...

By Eric Volkman


12th February 2019

Defensive Driving is AV’s Natural MO, Says Arm

Most people aren’t known for driving defensively. Whether or not robots can do better is anyone’s guess but Robert Day, director of automotive solutions and platforms at Arm, thinks...

By Louis Bedigian


11th February 2019

Robot Cars to Deploy at Office Site

A start-up is to operate its autonomous vehicles at an office and real estate site in Virginia. In June, Boston’s Optimus Ride will deploy three of its AVs at...


11th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Amazon finally makes entrance into self-driving tech

With nearly every big tech company having entered the race for self-driving cars in the past 10 years, one name has remained conspicuously absent. The fact that it’s Amazon,...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


6th February 2019

UK Government Tightens AV Testing Safety Requirements

Advanced autonomous vehicle trials will not receive the UK government’s support unless a case can be made for their “safety”. The government’s Centre for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV)...


5th February 2019

AVs Will Add to City Congestion, Study Suggests

Driverless cars will only add to traffic congestion as they cruise city streets as robotic versions of cab drivers looking for the next fare. That’s the suggestion made in...


4th February 2019

Weekly Brief: Communists Driving World’s Biggest AV Adoption

China, the world’s largest auto market, may have been late to the party when it came to autonomous technology but it has all the key ingredients to become the...

Commentary By Andrew Tolve


1st February 2019

Singapore Publishes Provisional AV Standards

The Singaporean government has published a set of provisional standards on the development and introduction of autonomous vehicles. The government’s recently established Enterprise Singapore agency devised the standards at...