23rd November 2015

Weekly Brief: Tesla issues voluntary recall for every Model S on the road

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for every Model S on the planet – and there’s no over-the-air update for this one. A potentially faulty front seat belt connection is...


26th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Hackers and carmakers beware, US government is coming for you

From OnStar and 60 Minutes to Wired Magazine and Jeep Cherokee to a whole Connected Car Village at the DefCon hackers conference, the past year has been one giant...


16th October 2015

Video: Connectivity of ADAS will be its real selling point

Catch up with all the latest thinking at TU-Automotive Europe 2015


5th October 2015

Up the autonomous creek with a paddle

Volvo has announced a simple paddle operated interface it hopes will bring autonomous driving a step closer to becoming a daily reality. It claims to have designed its IntelliSafe...


25th September 2015

High profile government representation at Europe telematics conference

Proof that connected car technology is shaping government policy has come in the shape of both German and UK fielding keynote speakers at this year’s TU-Automotive Europe 2015 in...


17th September 2015

Grey wave behind the direction of ADAS development: Part II

(If you missed Part I catch up here) What erodes situational awareness is usually distraction but not always. Sometimes the problem is the complete lack of it. Diesel trucks...


11th September 2015

Weekly Brief: 10 carmakers endorse mandatory automatic emergency braking technology

In this week’s Brief: Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo, NHTSA, IIHS, INRIX, ParkMe, Google, HERE Maps, Daimler, Facebook, Uber, Baidu, Apple, AT&T, Jaguar...


10th September 2015

Grey wave behind the direction of ADAS development: Part I

With the intention of fostering  transparency and greater open cooperation throughout the automotive industry, Toyota, in 2011, established its Collaborative Safety Research Center, and then, with $50M (£32.5M) in...


10th September 2015

Video: Human-machine relationships will steer ADAS adoption


4th September 2015

Carmakers must press the pedal-to-the-metal to get up to IoT speed

Technology may be moving forward at a lightening pace but the car it wants to be heading into has the agility, by comparison, of a juggernaut’s turning circle. This...


21st August 2015

Developing ‘views’ of the road to reach the autonomous vision

“It’s obviously critical,” asserted IHS Automotive senior analyst, autonomous driving, Jeremy Carlson, launching headlong into a discussion about the need to increase a vehicle’s field of view before moving...


4th August 2015

Video: Technology will steer the future of risk assessment

Don’t miss Insurance Telematics USA 2015 this September 2-3.