22nd April 2016

‘When’ and ‘how’ now the biggest questions facing driverless vehicles

Autonomous cars are a big part of the future of transportation; there is no longer any serious doubt about that. With so many companies – from large and famous,...


15th April 2016

ADAS is steering us towards driverless vehicles

Q: Why has ADAS technology suddenly taken off in the automotive industry? “The main driver is that new technology, vis-à-vis computing power and sensor technology, has enabled this sector...


4th March 2016

How guesswork could make the connected car smarter

It is a bit of a massive understatement but if you had to sum up all the challenges facing the connected-car industry into a single bullet-point, it might be...


26th February 2016

Ford's market differentiator that won’t get your back up!

Apparently the wheels are always turning for Ford engineers, although sometimes they may be going in reverse. The gadget guys and gals at the automaker reportedly came up with...


23rd February 2016

A Honda success proves there’s a demand for the driverless car

When I first drove the Honda Jazz in 2010 I was pretty damning about its appeal to a driver. I wrote: ‘For real drivers, sitting on the top deck...


12th February 2016

Driverless cars will force insurers to look towards different areas of risk

The primary societal movers of the development of the self-driving car are safety and the environment. An automobile run by a machine will be more fuel-efficient and less polluting...


29th January 2016

How private and public bodies must cooperate to ease mobility woes – Part II

From Part I The road to autonomy The panel of experts at Ford's Smart Mobility road show in Los Angeles were keen to hear if 2020 is still the target...


22nd January 2016

How private and public bodies must cooperate to ease mobility woes – Part I

Los Angeles is renowned for its infamous gridlock and difficult commutes yet Ford’s Mike Tinskey joined a panel addressing these very issues at Ford's Smart Mobility plan during its road show...


5th January 2016

Penton acquires TU-Automotive

London, January 4, 2016 – Today, TU-Automotive announced that it has been acquired by Penton, an innovative information services company, in a move that strengthens both Penton and TU-Automotive’s...


4th January 2016

How the brand badge could come second to a car’s tech pack

Back then, a clutch of technologies advanced to the stage where the online experience became available for anyone with a computer and a phone line. The wired automobile is...


23rd November 2015

Weekly Brief: Tesla issues voluntary recall for every Model S on the road

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for every Model S on the planet – and there’s no over-the-air update for this one. A potentially faulty front seat belt connection is...


26th October 2015

Weekly Brief: Hackers and carmakers beware, US government is coming for you

From OnStar and 60 Minutes to Wired Magazine and Jeep Cherokee to a whole Connected Car Village at the DefCon hackers conference, the past year has been one giant...