27 Jul 2018

Tested: Ford Focus 2018 where robot takes the wheel

Autonomous emergency steering finds its way to the mass market, writes Paul Myles. If there’s a mission statement from one of the most successful mass market carmakers in history,...


24 Jul 2018

Foam that could mop up on auto safety

‘Low tech’ ADAS still has a place with the high tech, Eric Volkman discovered. In the ever-accelerating field of ADAS, all eyes are on the latest “oh, wow” technology....


06 Jul 2018

Ford Study Indicates ACC Minimizes Traffic Jams

Technologies such as adaptive cruise control (ACC) have the potential to minimize phantom traffic jams, as a large-scale demo from Ford indicates.


05 Mar 2018

Weekly Brief: Toyota invests billions to build new self-driving car company

With Waymo set to deploy a commercial self-driving car service in Arizona in the coming months, the pressure is on for automakers to respond. Toyota answered the call last...


01 Sep 2016

ADAS is the driverless car’s eyes on the future

With the World fixated, as it is, on driverless cars, it is a little odd so little attention ever gets paid to its constituent technologies, known collectively as ADAS....


12 Aug 2016

Connected car opportunities just around the corner

While some in the auto industry have their heads-in-the-clouds of autonomous transport solutions, many more are getting to grips with the essential technology needed to make the dream a...


06 May 2016

LiDAR pricing is key to autonomous success

In the ongoing quest to develop autonomous vehicles, LiDAR technology has emerged as a key enabling technology. A number of companies are currently developing sophisticated LiDAR technology for use...


22 Apr 2016

‘When’ and ‘how’ now the biggest questions facing driverless vehicles

Autonomous cars are a big part of the future of transportation; there is no longer any serious doubt about that. With so many companies – from large and famous,...


15 Apr 2016

ADAS is steering us towards driverless vehicles

Q: Why has ADAS technology suddenly taken off in the automotive industry? “The main driver is that new technology, vis-à-vis computing power and sensor technology, has enabled this sector...


04 Mar 2016

How guesswork could make the connected car smarter

It is a bit of a massive understatement but if you had to sum up all the challenges facing the connected-car industry into a single bullet-point, it might be...


26 Feb 2016

Ford's market differentiator that won’t get your back up!

Apparently the wheels are always turning for Ford engineers, although sometimes they may be going in reverse. The gadget guys and gals at the automaker reportedly came up with...


23 Feb 2016

A Honda success proves there’s a demand for the driverless car

When I first drove the Honda Jazz in 2010 I was pretty damning about its appeal to a driver. I wrote: ‘For real drivers, sitting on the top deck...