Cabin Monitoring Will Define Cockpit of the Future, Improve Your Mood

In the cockpit of the future, you won’t be able to buy happiness, but you will be able to pay for a better mood, writes Drew Winter.

“Vehicle cabin monitoring” doesn’t sound exciting, but it’s on the verge of changing the world. It will define the cockpit of the future, transform mobility and make drivers and passengers safer, happier and healthier.
It’s creating a new supplier ecosystem and many new partnerships between big companies and small startups. Companies are collaborating to create hardware, software and networks of sensors inside and outside the vehicle that interpret data and turn information into actions and services.

Those actions range from preventing driver distraction to numerous wellness and safety functions in shared vehicles. Cabin monitoring also will create personalized ways of cheering up stressed-out drivers. To read to full story see WardsAuto.

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