Cab sharing app launched with 99p London ride

SPLYT launches its instant minicab sharing app in London this week claiming savings on fares of up to 40% for any customer that chooses to share their journey with another passenger travelling on the same (or similar) route at the same time.

The Uber-like system’s unique facet is that drivers will receive all the fare from the paying customers.

SPLYT drivers manage incoming share requests via its app, which instantly calculates the current passenger's saving and potential trip delay. These factors are communicated to the passenger, who then chooses whether or not to share the journey and fare.

Share requests can be submitted at the outset of a journey or en-route and fares will only be split for the mutually shared portion of any journey.

Customers are invited to share their travel experience following each journey by awarding the driver a rating of up to five stars. Every SPLYT driver requires an average of four stars in order to take a booking, ensuring the highest level of service, customer satisfaction and passenger safety.

Likewise, customers are encouraged to review fellow passengers, in order to prevent the pairing of incompatible travelling companions. Customers who rated a passenger with less than three stars will never be matched with the same customer again.

The system promises no surcharges, free in car Wi-Fi, a female-only sharing option and in-app payments with an integrated tipping system eliminating the need to carry cash.

Founder and CEO, Philipp Mintchin said: “SPLYT solves a real problem for the commuting public today. Public transport can be unreliable, inconvenient, pricey and time consuming, whilst the cost of travelling in taxis or solo in minicabs is too expensive for most. One of the biggest innovations in the minicab space today, SPLYT launches at an exciting time with continued rapid growth in the sharing economy, which is reinventing all aspects of life. Our aim is for SPLYT to reinvent how we travel, empowering users to share a private driver and providing private transport without the price tag.”

Chief driver officer, John Preddy, added: “As well as providing a competitive and quality service for customers, we are very much focused on building a strong and friendly driver community. As the only company currently offering drivers up to 100% of their fare, SPLYT is truly looking out for their best interests, with a better deal for self-employed owner-drivers than any other taxi or minicab company.”

Available from Friday 10 April on iOS, and Android shortly after, the new SPLYT App is free to download and free to use.

For more information on SPLYT fares and ride sharing visit: 

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