Bus Operator Claims Safety Tech Cuts Crashes, Injuries

A London bus operator says its trial of “collision avoidance” technology “has reduced avoidable collisions” and the injuries they cause.

Abellio London says Intel subsidiary Mobileye’s tech has reduced its vehicles’ collisions with other motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists by 29% and the injuries that would result from such crashes by 60%. The tech purportedly consists of “forward collision warning”, which warns the driver they’re about to rear-end a vehicle in front, “pedestrian and cyclist collision warning”, “headway monitoring and warning”, which warns the driver if the bus is dangerously close to another vehicle, “lane departure warning”, and “traffic sign recognition” systems.

Abellio trialed the tech on 66 of its more than 740 London buses. Mobileye EMEA director Gil Ayalon claims the tech can “improve safety standards, ensuring that drivers can take prompt action when danger is detected. Abellio takes safety very seriously, and they’ve been a superb partner”.

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