BP Company Unveils Emissions Cutting ICE Oil System

Removable oil cells could reduce ICE vehicle tailpipe emissions and cut plastic waste from the auto industry’s use of disposable oil cans, according to a BP company.

Nexcel made these claims while unveiling its active oil management system at the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan (JSAE) Annual Congress. It says a two-year program of vehicle and rig testing has refined the oil cell it hopes to launch with the market ready vehicle within the next five years and aims to supply more than 10M vehicles annually by 2030.

Crucially for the climate conscious, the company claims a CO2 tailpipe emissions reduction of 2g/km thanks to a precise oil-engine match, helping the oil to warm up more quickly and boosting the oil’s active components in-between oil changes. It also says the system enables to a circular ecosystem for the reuse of used engine oil and a reduction of single-use plastics.

The lift-out engine bay cell is a self-contained, sealed oil reservoir can be tailored for each different vehicle’s requirements with either hybrid or full ICE powertrains. Service advantages include fast and efficient oil and filter change without the need for tools, lifts, or specialist equipment. While the core design components between the dock and the cell are standardized, cell body design can to individual vehicles.

Cells are managed by a dedicated electronic control unit in the dock that communicates wirelessly so that an electric pump can control the fill, top-up and evacuation of oil between the engine sump and the cell. Nexcel claims an oil cell change can take as little as 90 seconds and can be accomplished from the top of the engine bay without spillage or special equipment.

Brian Fitzsimons, Nexcel’s technical director, said: “We now have a modular technology using standard components that will allow Nexcel to be easily scaled for a wide range of vehicle programs and automotive production.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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