Bosch’s Mini-Explosions to Make Crashed BEVs Safer

A system that sets off a series of explosions in a BEV is claiming to reduce the risk of a devastating fire or electrocution in the event of a serious collision.

One of the risks facing high voltage BEV powertrains, with up to 800-volt battery packs, is that they can become unstable in a major crash threatening the lives of passengers and first responders. Now Bosch claims to have developed a system where an electric vehicle’s battery is isolated in the event of a crash.

The safety feature uses dedicated microchips to control small explosive charges to isolate the battery modules. These charges, known as ‘pyrofuses’, blow out small sections of cable, ensuring the current-carrying components are physically disconnected.

When triggered by a sensor detecting an impact, a small explosion occurs, with the 10mm x 10mm devices being wedged into the cable, ensuring there is no physical connection to the high voltage components.

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