Bosch Plans Global Automated Valet Parking Expansion

Bosch is expanding the access to automated valet parking now that its systems have been approved for commercial use at Stuttgart airport.

The automotive supplier giant with connected parking technology partner APCOA is installing the technology in 15 further parking garages in Germany. From Hamburg to Munich, work to expand the infrastructure-based, automated, and driverless SAE Level 4 parking system is set to start in 2023.

As a first step, the two companies are planning to make up to four parking spaces per parking garage ready for automated valet parking. They also envisage rolling the systems out worldwide. The companies said their goal is to equip several hundred parking garages across the globe with automated valet parking in the years ahead.

Their system allows drivers to park a vehicle in a handover zone near the entrance of a parking garage and then, using a smartphone app, they can order the automated and driverless parking service. The basis for this is Bosch stereo cameras, which not only identify vacant parking spaces but also monitor the driving aisle and its surroundings, and detect obstacles or people in the aisle. If an unexpected obstacle is detected, the vehicle brakes and comes to a complete stop. Only once the route is clear does it continue on its way. For this purpose, all the data generated by the cameras is fed into edge computers. Algorithms transmit the driving maneuver to be made and thus enable driverless parking, even when moving between stories on narrow ramps. The system also relies on technology installed in the parking garage keeping the technical requirements in the vehicle to a minimum, so that the automated and driverless valet parking service lends itself to all vehicle classes.

Dr Markus Heyn, member of the Bosch board of management and chairman of the mobility solutions business sector, said: “We will expand the number of such parking spaces based on the expected ramp-up of vehicles featuring automated valet parking. Our experience with charge spots for electric vehicles shows us how important it is for infrastructure growth to keep pace with the technology. Together with our partner APCOA, we are now making sure that this will be the case for automated valet parking.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in Europe. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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