Bosch Infotainment Adopts Stripped-Down Address Tech

The stripped-down global address system, what3words, is hoping to make the break into automotive infotainment by teaming up with Bosch.

Its in-car navigation is scheduled for introduction into Bosch’s infotainment system offering in 2020. The system is built on global addressing that has divided the world into a grid of three-meter squares and assigned each a unique three-word address made of three dictionary words. Thus, ///fortune.resist.brawn, for example, will take a driver to the exact entrance of the Bosch Car Multimedia head office in Hildesheim, Germany. When a driver enters a three-word address by voice or text into the infotainment system, the what3words technology converts it to a GPS coordinate, which the car then routes to its navigation system.

The company claims that not only is the system accurate to within three-meters anywhere in the world, it could help to reduce driver distraction thanks to simple verbal instructions to the infotainment hardware. Naturally, the system will rely on a much wider uptake of what3words’s global address book by both organizations and individuals to make real inroads into existing traditional addresses.

Chris Sheldrick, CEO and co-founder of what3words, said: “Safety and simplicity, two themes which are integral to what3words, run through their infotainment systems and we are delighted to merge the two technologies.” Luis Arevalo, vice-president product management for automotive infotainment at Bosch, added: “The more complex the technology in modern vehicles, the simpler and more intuitive control systems need to be. By integrating what3words into our infotainment systems, we let the drivers concentrate on driving and keep them concentrated on the road. For our customers this means another easy, safe, and innovative way of entering destinations.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_

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