Bosch Claims Breakthrough in AV Cameras

Automotive supply giant Bosch is claiming a breakthrough in camera technology promising to make cars “better drivers than humans”.

Its AI enhanced camera arrays are set to make their debut in new models this year and claims their object recognition will make a vehicle’s sensing of its surroundings far more reliable and safer. Its new Bosch MPC3 mono video camera claims to make up for human deficiencies in understand what is being seen.

We all know that, for many people, looking is one thing but recognizing what the eyes see is another matter. Many drivers involved in accidents report that they had been looking in the right direction but failed to spot the third party, especially if it’s a small vehicle like a motorcycle or bicycle. Bosch estimates that up half of all road traffic collisions are attributable to this phenomenon.

It claims the new camera technology’s biggest strength is its object recognition using AI to detect if the edge of the road is passable, even in the absence of road markings. It claims also to enhance automatic emergency braking systems to prevent vehicles hitting various types of animals and partially concealed pedestrians.

Harald Kroeger, Bosch management board member, said: “We want to make cars better drivers than people and, in this way, to increase road safety. In other words, technology has to work more reliably than people.”

— Paul Myles is a seasoned automotive journalist based in London. Follow him on Twitter @Paulmyles_


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