BMW UK adds on-demand mileage reporting to Trackstar

BMW UK adds on-demand mileage reporting to Trackstar

Trackstar On-Demand allows drivers to view their historical journeys, check their vehicle location at any given time and run reports on their business or private mileage

The Private and Business Mileage reporting software works by interrogating data collated by the Trafficmaster device fitted in the vehicle. The system records the start and end locations, the duration and exact distance of all journeys.

All the driver has to do is classify each journey as either business or private mileage; and the system can make this even easier if the driver has a particular pattern.

For instance, since regular office commute generally count as private mileage and the majority of business journeys are made during normal working hours, the On-Demand system can be set to pre-categorise journeys as business or private according to the time or day of the journey.

The system can produce a totally accurate monthly report for drivers who claim a mileage allowance from their employers, and an annual report for those who claim tax relief on mileage from the Inland Revenue.

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