BMW Details V8 Engine in M8 Performance Models

BMW’s high performance, luxury sports cars, the M8 Competition Coupe and M8 Competition Convertible, will be powered by 4.4 liter V8, twin turbo engines.

The engines will produce 620 BHP, with direct injection for an ‘on the limit’ driving experience according to the German automaker.

BMW’s all-wheel-drive ‘xDrive’ system comes as standard on the cars, with both models electronically limited to 155 mph unless an optional driver’s package is included, in which case top speed rises to 189 mph. The turbochargers are positioned between the V of the engine, for increased efficiency, with rigid engine mounting increasing the efficiency even more. In theory, this means that turbo lag will be reduced, with more direct throttle response, with added benefits being more responsive steering on turn-in and increased engine noise in the cabin.

The engine delivers 553 lb-ft of torque at 5800 rpm, with the 620 BHP coming at the maximum 6,000 rpm. Emissions wise, the Coupe variant emits  242g/km, whereas the convertible produces slightly more, at 256g/km.

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