BMW Demonstrates in-Vehicle Graphic Display System

BMW Demonstrates in-Vehicle Graphic Display System

BMW has demonstrated a system for storing and projecting displays on an unlimited number of a vehicle’s surfaces.

RAMSES is an open-source software platform that purports to offer a way of combining “information from safety, infotainment, and connected smart device domains”. The demonstration was hosted by the GENIVI Alliance, a not-for-profit, connected vehicle software alliance.

One of the projects on which the group has been working is the development of a way for drivers not to have to look at multiple telematics and infotainment displays across their vehicle’s dashboard. It claims RAMSES will go some way toward fulfilling this goal, despite it being a platform that purports to expand in-vehicle display capabilities rather than streamline them.

GENIVI Alliance executive director Steve Crumb said: “Historically, drivers had to view separate displays in the vehicle, based on whether the information was safety-critical like driver assistance or it was navigation or entertainment-related. Automakers want to provide drivers with a single user experience and seek efficient methods for exchanging information between software domains like safety, infotainment, and smart devices”.

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